2016 – 2017 Honor Roll Listing

The College appreciates annual support from alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, trustees, churches, foundations, corporations and other organizations. Recognizing those who support the College financially is important to us. We have made every effort to ensure that our annual list of donors is correct and complete. We apologize for any errors and ask that you bring them to our attention so that we may correct our records. To update your listing or if you have questions, please contact: Sara Jamison, Director of Development, sjamison@ferrum.edu or 540-365-4221.

The Ferrum College fiscal year 2016-2017 includes gifts received from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017

Mr. Franklin Abbott and Mrs. Peggy Adams Mr. Donald Kelly and Mrs. Elsie Kelly
Mr. Lester Abernathy and Mrs. Carla Abernathy Mr. James Kelly Sr. and Mrs. Beverly Kelly
Mr. Rob Abrams and Mrs. Kerry Abrams Mr. John Kemple
Mr. Carl Absher Mr. Douglas Kendall
Ms. Susan Ackerman Mr. Carroll Kenny and Mrs. Wanda Kenny
Mr. Anthony Adams Mrs. Marian Kessler
Mr. Cleive Adams and Ms. Jill Adams Ms. Patricia Kibler
Ms. Stephanie Addenbrooke Mr. Robert Kiessling and Mrs. Carole Kessling
Mr. Ronald Adkins Rev. Myung Kim and Mrs. Doris Kim
Mr. Wayne Adkins and Mrs. Jeanette Adkins Mr. John Kines Jr. and Mrs. Linda Kines
Mr. D. Scott Agee and Ms. Tracy Agee Ms. Angela King
Ms. Cecilia Aggrey Mr. Francis King Jr. and Mrs. Mary King
Mr. William Aiken Jr. and Mrs. Lucy Aiken Ms. Jessa King
Mr. Carl Akers and Mrs. Mary Akers Mr. Paul King and Mrs. Vicki King
Mr. Steven Akers and Mrs. Connie Akers Ms. Rebecca King
Mr. Daryl Alba and Mrs. Kathryn Alba Mr. Robert King Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia King
Mr. Norris Aldridge and Mrs. Janet Aldridge Ms. Julie Kingery
Mr. Brian Allen Dr. John Kitterman and Mrs. Kathy Kitterman
Ms. Kimberly Allen and Mr. Donald Allen Ms. Elizabeth Knight-Smith
Mr. Mohamed Allibhai Mr. Oliver Kofoid
Ms. Mary Almond Mr. Donald Koonce and Mrs. Barbara Koonce
Mr. William Altemus Jr. and Mrs. Mary Altemus Mr. Robert Koziel and Mrs. Sandra Koziel
Mr. Richard Alvis and Mrs. Carlene Alvis Mr. Jan Kozyra and Mrs. Arlene Kozyra
Dr. Francis Amos MD and Mrs. Laquita Amos Ms. Nellie Kritter
Mr. James Anderson and Mrs. Brooke Anderson Mr. Larry Lagle
Mr. John Anderson and Mrs. Diane Anderson Mr. Christopher Lahiff and Mrs. Kristin Lahiff
Mr. John Anderson* Mr. Steven Lambert
Mrs. Judith Anderson Mr. Douglas Lane and Mrs. Susan Lane
Mr. Lawson Andrews Mr. Bradley Lang and Ms. Slone Lang
Dr. Gary Angel and Dr. N. Faye Angel Mr. Barry Langenbach and Mrs. Sandra Langenbach
Mr. Daniel Angell and Mrs. Dianne Angell Ms. Jean Lankes
Mr. Roger Anglin and Mrs. Sue Anglin Mr. Edward LaPrade
Anonymous Mrs. Patricia LaReau
Mr. Joe Archuleta and Ms. Desdie Prince Mr. Christopher Larkin and Mrs. Kimberly Larkin
Mrs. Brenda Arrington and Mr. Elmer Arrington* Mr. Steven Lavinder
Mr. C. Ralph Arthur Jr. and Mrs. Sarah Arthur Mr. Robert Lawrence and Mrs. Marie Lawrence
Mr. Thomas Arthur and Mrs. Carolyn Arthur Mrs. Patsy Layer
Mr. Willard Arthur Jr. and Mrs. Brenda Arthur Rev. William Layman and Mrs. Elaine Layman
Ms. Carroll Ashburn Mr. Bill Leatherman and Mrs. Nancy Leatherman
Mr. Ben Ashton and Mrs. Annette Ashton Sgt. Jamie Lee and Mrs. Debbie Lee
Ms. Diana Asmus Mr. Thomas Lemke and Mrs. Wanda Lemke
Ms. Norma Atchley Mrs. Dollie LeMond and Mr. Frederick LeMond*
Mr. Andrew Austin Sr. and Mrs. Jean Austin Mr. Claiborne Leonard and Mrs. Betty Leonard
Mr. H. Ray Austin and Mrs. Barbara Austin Mr. Robin Leonard
Mr. Randall Austin and Mrs. Lynnette Austin Dr. Edmund Lesko and Mrs. Betty Lesko
Ms. Rebecca Austin and Mr. Terry Austin Mr. Robert Lewis
Mr. David Aveline and Mrs. Brenda Aveline Mr. J. York Lindsey and Mrs. LaRhonda Lindsey
Mrs. Brenda Ayers and Mr. Henry Ayers* Mr. Sam Lionberger Jr. and Mrs. Lorinda Lionberger
Mr. William Bachman and Mrs. Lottie Bachman Mr. George Litos and Mrs. Janet Litos
Mr. David Backus and Mrs. Maxine Backus Mr. Sam Litton and Ms. Joan Litton
Mr. James Bailey and Dr. Betty Bailey Mrs. Deanne Lloyd and Mr. Steve Lloyd
Mr. Payton Bailey Sr. and Mrs. Vivian Bailey Mr. Alex Long
Ms. Stephanie Bailey and Mr. Robert Bailey Mr. Harry Long and Mrs. Virginia Long
Mr. Danny Baker and Mrs. Evelyn Baker Mr. Monte Looney and Mrs. Annie Looney
Mr. Edward Baker and Mrs. Judith Baker Mr. J. Glynn Loope and Mrs. Jill Loope
Ms. Elizabeth Baker Ms. Carol Love
Mr. Rodney Baker Ms. Dreama Love
Mrs. Janice Baldwin Mr. Gordon Love Jr. and Mrs. Sharon Love
Mr. Richard Baldwin and Mrs. Donna Baldwin Mr. J. Wayne Loving and Mrs. Kathleen Loving
Mr. William Bales and Mrs. Marga Bales Mr. Tony Lowe and Ms. Judith Upchurch
Mr. Tim Balsley and Mrs. Shirley Balsley Mr. Joseph Lowry Jr. and Mrs. Linda Lowry
Mr. Charles Barall and Mrs. Barbara Barall Mr. John Luck
Mr. Willard Barber Jr. and Mrs. Terry Barber Mr. Linwood Lucord Jr. and Mrs. Barbara Lucord
Mrs. Jeanne Barger Mr. Donald Lucy and Mrs. Barbara Lucy
Ms. Peggie Barker Mr. Larry Lugar and Mrs. Sharon Lugar
Mr. Stephen Barko and Mrs. Linda Barko Rev. Lawrence Lugar and Mrs. Jean Lugar
Mr. Randolph Barlow Jr. and Mrs. Rosa Barlow Mr. Donald Luttrell and Mrs. Lynda Luttrell
Mrs. Karen Barr Mr. Robert Lux and Mrs. Karen Lux
Mrs. Susan Barr Mr. David Lynch and Mrs. Melissa Lynch
Mr. Steven Barsamian and Mrs. Dorian Barsamian Mr. Kailey Lynch and Mrs. Sherry Lynch
Dr. Rathin Basu and Mrs. Supriya Basu Mrs. Clarice Lynn
Mr. David Bates Mr. Richard Lyons
Mr. Murrie Bates Jr. Dr. Melvin Macklin
Mr. Russell Bauda and Mrs. Ruth Bauda Mr. Ed Madonna and Mrs. Patricia Hall-Madonna
Ms. Donna Baus Mr. Eugene Major and Mrs. Martha Major
Mr. John Bauserman Mr. John Mallard Jr.
Mrs. Catherine Beachy Mrs. Sue Manhart
Ms. Shirley Beadling Mr. Paul Manzella
Mr. Gerald Bechtle Jr. Mr. Robert Marks III and Mrs. Patsy Marks
Mrs. Yvette Beheler and Mr. Steve Beheler Mr. Vernon Marsteller Jr.
Mr. James Bell and Mrs. Laura Bell Mr. Gary Martin and Ms. Brenda Martin
Mr. John Bell and Mrs. Mary Bell Mr. Guy Martin
Mrs. Suzanne Bell and Mr. James Bell Mr. James Martin
Ms. Courtney Bennett Mrs. Lucy Ewing Martin
Mr. F. Miller Bennington and Mrs. Teresa Bennington Mr. Richard Martin and Mrs. Joe Ann Martin
Mr. Daniel Berry and Mrs. Pamela Berry Mr. Russell P. Martin and Mrs. Dena H. Martin
Mr. Garland Berry Sr. Mr. Aubrey Mason and Mrs. Sandra Mason
Mr. Thomas Berry Mr. Douglas Mason and Ms. Rebecca Mason
Mr. Gregory Bielawski Mr. Judson Mason and Mrs. Jackie Mason
Mr. George Binns and Mrs. Marcia Binns Ms. Laura Mason
Mr. Benham Black and Mrs. JoAnn Black Mr. Sidney Mason
Mr. Timothy Black Mr. Timothy Matthews and Mrs. Mimi Matthews
Mrs. Jane Blackwell Mr. Billy Mauney
Mr. Thomas Blair Jr. and Ms. Kimberly Blair Mr. Edwin Mawyer and Mrs. Virginia Mawyer
Rev. Randall Blankenship and Mrs. Barbara Blankenship Mr. Lawrence May
Mr. Daniel Blasche Mr. Robert May Jr. and Mrs. Julia May
Mr. Edward Bocock and Mrs. Joyce Bocock Mr. James Mayes and Mrs. Donna Mayes
Mr. Thomas Bocock Ms. Mary McAden
Mr. Charles Bogart Rev. Robinson McAden and Mrs. Shelby McAden
Ms. Beatrice Bohannon Mrs. Shirley McAdoo
Mr. Alex Bolin and Mrs. Elizabeth Bolin Mr. Marvin Mcafee
Mrs. Suzanne Boltz Mr. Cal McAlexander and Mrs. Jane McAlexander
Mrs. Jean Bone Mrs. Renae McBride
Mr. Rupert Bonhotel Mr. Swede McBroom and Mrs. Dorian Dugger
Mrs. Barbara Booker Ms. Brenda McCandless
Mr. Jeff Booker and Mrs. Rhonda Booker Mr. James McCarty Sr. and Mrs. Bonnie McCarty
Mr. William Booker Jr. and Mrs. Brenda Booker Mr. John McClintic and Mrs. Jacklyn McClintic
Mr. Floyd Boone Jr. Ms. Alexis McColl
Mr. Reese Boone and Mrs. Kathy Boone Mr. J. Kevin McConnell and Mrs. Suzanne McConnell
Mr. Harold Booth Jr. and Mrs. Carole Booth Mrs. Barbara McCord and Mr. Robert McCord
Mrs. Nonie Booth Mr. Jerry McCoy and Mrs. Virginia McCoy
Mr. George Boswell Mr. Ryan McCullough
Mr. Gene Bourne II and Mrs. Tina Bourne Mr. Timothy McDonald and Mrs. Patricia McDonald
Mr. Kenneth Bowen Sr. Mr. Lester McGhee and Mrs. Terri McGhee
Mr. William Bowen Ms. Loretta McGhee
Mr. Wesley Bowles and Mrs. Mary Bowles Mr. Kevin McGillicuddy
Ms. Sarah Bowling Mr. Joseph McGlothlin and Mrs. Gail McGlothlin
Dr. Harold Bowman and Ms. Joan Bowman Ms. Katie Mcgrath
Mr. John Bowman and Mrs. Sherry Bowman Mr. Preston McMillan and Mrs. Barbara McMillan
Mr. Bruce Boxley III and Mrs. Linda Boxley Mr. A. Edward McMurdo II and Mrs. Nancy McMurdo
Mrs. Diamond Boyd Mr. Paul McWane and Mrs. Anna McWane
Mr. John Boyd and Mrs. Elizabeth Boyd Mr. David Meador and Mrs. Sherry Meador
Dr. Jennifer Braaten and Rev. Conrad Braaten Mr. Lawrence Meister and Ms. Maria Meister
Mr. Robert Brandon and Mrs. Sherri Brandon Ms. Sue Ann Meister
Mr. William Brann Ms. Sherilyn Meixner
Mr. J. Dave Branson and Mrs. Penelope Branson Ms. Wanetta Menefee
Mrs. Cynthia Brashear and Mr. H. Robert Brashear Mr. J. Holt Merchant Jr. and Mrs. Becky Merchant
Mrs. Jana Bresson and Mr. Kenneth Bresson Ms. Jan Meriwether
Mr. Ronald Brewster Ms. Julie Mestre
Ms. Nancy Bridgeman Mr. Harry Milam and Mrs. Margaret Milam
Capt. Jeffrey Briggs and Mrs. Ginger Briggs Mr. David Milan and Mrs. Melinda Milan
Mr. Jesse Briggs Mr. Alan Miller and Mrs. Phyllis Miller
Ms. Nancy Briggs Mr. John Miller
Ms. Susie Briggs Mrs. Jan Minter
Mr. Stephen Brinegar and Mrs. Pamela Brinegar Mr. Arthur Mitchell and Mrs. Mary Jo Mitchell
Mr. R Coleman Brittle and Mrs. Nancy Brittle Mr. Berkley Mitchell
Mr. Ryan Brittle and Mrs. Rebecca Brittle Ms. Felicia Mitchell
Ms. Louise Brooks Mr. Travis Mittel and Mrs. Jamie Mittel
Ms. Corrine Browell Ms. Linda Mizell
Ms. Courtney Brown Ms. Elizabeth Mobley
Ms. Kathleen Brown Mr. James Mohler
Mr. Kenneth Brown and Mrs. Martha Brown Mr. Ernest Mongold Jr. and Mrs. Barbara Mongold
Mr. Robert Brown Mr. J. Robert Monolo and Mrs. Christy Monolo
Mr. Robert Brown and Mrs. Judy Brown Mr. Herbert Montgomery and Mrs. Katy Montgomery
Mr. Theron Brown and Mrs. Helen Brown Miss Bonnie Montrief
Mr. W. Colby Brown III and Mrs. Amanda Brown Mr. Thomas Moody and Mrs. Brenda Moody
Mr. William Brown Mrs. Wise Moon
Mr. Carl Brudin Jr. and Mrs. Carole Brudin Mr. J. Roderick Moore and Ms. Sally Moore
Ms. Dayna Brundage Mr. John Moore III
Mr. William Bryant and Mrs. Diane Bryant Ms. Trasan Moore
Mr. Guy Buford and Mrs. Margaret Buford Mr. William Moore
Mr. Michael Bundy and Mrs. Jennifer Bundy Mr. William Moore
Mr. Barry Burcher and Mrs. Diana Burcher Mr. William Moore and Mrs. Patricia Moore
Mr. Michael Burkholder and Mrs. Erika Burkholder Mrs. Joyce Moorman and Mr. Jerry Moorman
Mr. Christopher Burnley Ms. Charlotte Moran
Mr. Daniel Burroughs and Mrs. Joyce Burroughs Mrs. Katherine Moran and Mr. Kevin Moran
Mr. Richard Burruss Mrs. Kay Morgan
Mr. J. Russell Burton Jr. and Mrs. Ann Burton Mr. Patrick Morgan
Mr. Wilbur Burton and Ms. Joyce Burton Mr. Carlton Morton and Mrs. Betty Morton
Mr. Bradley Butler and Mrs. Anita Butler Mr. Dennis Moseley and Mrs. Janice Moseley
Mr. John Butner and Mrs. Elizabeth Butner Mr. Timothy Muckle and Mrs. Judy Muckle
Ms. Anne Buttarazzi Mr. Tyler Muckle
Mr. Theodore Butz and Mrs. Cara Butz Mr. Harold Muddiman and Mrs. Jane Muddiman
Dr. David Byers and Mrs. Linda Byers Mr. William Mulvey Jr. and Mrs. Caroline Mulvey
Mr. William Byrd III Mr. Wayne Munch and Mrs. Jacquelyn Munch
Mr. Thomas Cagley Mr. James Murphy
Mr. Travis Caldwell Mr. Ralph Murray Jr. and Mrs. Beverly Murray
Mr. Andrew Calohan Sr. and Mrs. Marsha Calohan Mr. Justin Muse
Mr. Samuel Camden and Mrs. Brenda Camden Mr. Jay Musser
Hon. Robert Camicia and Mrs. Margaret Camicia Ms. Susanne Myatt
Mr. Clay Campbell Mr. John Myers Jr. and Mrs. Marie Myers
Mr. Joseph Carbone and Mrs. Patricia Carbone Mr. Wes Naff III and Ms. Michele Naff
Mr. James Carpenter and Mrs. Helen Carpenter Mr. A. Carl Nave III and Mrs. Tomi Nave
Mr. Daniel Carper Mr. Ronald Neely and Mrs. Donna Neely
Ms. Keating Carrier Mr. David Nelson
Mr. John Carroll Jr. and Mrs. Carol Boyd Carroll Mrs. Jean Nelson and Mr. Robert Nelson Jr.
Mr. Thomas Carroll D.V.M. and Mrs. Helen Carroll Dr. M. Douglas Newman Sr. and Mrs. Phyllis Newman
Mr. James Carson and Mrs. Debbie Carson Mrs. Ann Newman-Robinson
Mr. Alex Carter Jr. and Mrs. Ann Carter Dr. Jan Nicholson Angle
Mr. Calvin Carter Mr. Harry Norris and Mrs. Natalie Norris
Mr. Donald Carter and Mrs. Nancy Carter Ms. Carol Northey
Mr. John Carter and Mrs. Catherine Carter Mr. Mark Norton and Mrs. Theresa Norton
Mr. Maury Carter and Mrs. Elaine Carter Mr. Mitchell Nuckles and Mrs. Lori Nuckles
Mr. H. Allen Carver and Mrs. Page Carver Mr. Stephen Nuttycombe Sr. and Mrs. Johnise Nuttycombe
Mr. Troy Carver and Mrs. Tina Carver Mr. Samuel Oakey III and Mrs. Elizabeth Oakey
Ms. Lorraine Casey Mrs. Betty O’Bryan
Mr. Thomas Cash and Mrs. Yvonne Cash Mr. Michael O’Connell and Mrs. Daphne O’Connell
Mr. Steven Cassada and Mrs. Lillian Cassada Mr. Richard Ogg
Mr. James Cassady and Mrs. Betty Cassady Mr. Thomas Ollendick
Mrs. Evelyn Cassell and Mr. John Cassell Ms. Kathleen O’Malley
Mr. Todd Cassell Ms. Jennifer Orzolek
Mr. William Catron and Mrs. Joanne Catron Mr. J. Lee Osborne Esq. and Mrs. Susan Osborne
Mr. David Caughey Miss Patricia Osborne
Mr. Ralph Caylor Mr. Kemble Overby
Mrs. Ruth Chaney Mr. Rufus Owen III and Mrs. Hallie Owen
Mrs. Barbara Chapman Mr. Timothy Owens
Mr. Irvin Chappell Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Chappell Mr. Jason Page and Mrs. Anginet Page
Mr. Clark Childers and Mrs. Susan Childers Mr. Wilson Paine and Mrs. Rosa Paine
Mr. Michael Christian and Mrs. Nancy Christian Mr. Jeffrey Palmer and Mrs. Laurie Palmer
Ms. Kim Christopoulos Mr. Frank Palmieri and Mrs. Kathy Palmieri
Mr. Maynard Clanton Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Clanton Mr. Ovila Panneton and Mrs. Ruth Panneton
Dr. Gene Clapsaddle and Mrs. Mary Clapsaddle Mrs. Carol Parker
Mr. James Clark Jr. and Mrs. Mary Ann Clark Mr. Kendall Parker and Mrs. Jean Parker
Mr. Melvin Clark Jr. and Mrs. Vicki Clark Mr. Robert Parker Jr. and Mrs. Lennie Parker
Mr. Ronald Clark and Mrs. Eugenia Clark Mr. Thomas Parr Jr. and Mrs. Joy Parr
Mr. Ronald Clark and Ms. Susan Clark Mr. Phillip Parrish and Mrs. Kathleen Parrish
Ms. Denise Clarke Mr. Andrew Pauly and Ms. Rachel Troyer
Mr. Peter Clements and Mrs. Jennifer Clements Mr. Charles Pauly and Mrs. Susan Pauly
Miss Louise Clendenen Ms. Gail Payne
Mr. Sean Clevenger and Mrs. Tracey Clevenger Mr. John Payne and Mrs. Kimberly Payne
Mr. Morgan Clifton Mr. John Payne and Mrs. Tricia Payne
Mr. Carlyle Cline and Mrs. Kaye Cline Mr. David Pearman and Ms. Catherine Pearman
Mr. J. Randy Cline Ms. Renae Pearson
Mr. William Cline and Mrs. Penny Cline Mrs. Elizabeth Pence
Mr. Roger Coffey Mr. Danny Perdue and Mrs. Sherry Perdue
Mr. Robert Coffman and Mrs. Ruth Coffman Mr. William Perkins Jr.
Ms. Ashley Colder Ms. Martha Perry
Mr. L. Steven Cole and Mrs. Jennifer Cole Mr. Raymond Perry and Mrs. Crystal Perry
Ms. Joanna Coleman and Mr. John Coleman Mr. Charles Peters Jr. and Mrs. Debra Peters
Mr. Carl Coles Rev. John Peters
Mr. Peter Coley Mrs. Shannon Peters and Mr. David Peters
Mr. David Collins and Mrs. Karen Collins Mr. Arthur Petersen III and Mrs. Pamela Petersen
Mrs. Patricia Compton Mr. David Peterson
Mrs. Joan Conat Mr. Herbert Peterson Jr.
Mrs. Evelyn Condrey Ms. Gayle Petro
Mr. Michael Condrey and Mrs. Kim Condrey Dr. Marvin Phaup Jr.
Mr. Charles Cone Jr. and Mrs. Kristy Cone CPA Mr. Edwin Phelps III and Mrs. Amy Phelps
Mr. Robert Connelly II and Mrs. Dorothy Connelly Mr. Baxter Phillips Jr. and Mrs. Sharon Phillips
Ms. Angela Conroy Mr. Edwin Phillips and Mrs. Martha Phillips
Ms. Brenda Cook Mr. Larkin Phillips and Mrs. Lou Ann Phillips
Ms. Hayako Cook Mr. Sam Phillips and Mrs. Margaret Phillips
Mr. Samuel Cook and Mrs. Ruth Cook Mr. Tommy Phillips and Mrs. Nancy Phillips
Mr. Herman Cooper Dr. Benjamin Philpott and Mrs. Mary Philpott
Mr. G. Trigg Copenhaver II Ms. Martha Philpott
Dr. Edward Cornbleet Mrs. Sue Pickett
Rev. Laughton Corr and Mrs. Ruby Corr Ms. Laurie Pillow
Mr. D. Ray Corron Mrs. Margaret Pillow
Mr. Thimothy Corvin and Mrs. Nancy Corvin Ms. Deborah Pinkston
Mrs. Stella Couch Mr. James Pittard and Mrs. Joyce Pittard
Mr. Charles Coughlin and Mrs. Judi Coughlin Rev. Charles Pittman and Mrs. Shelby Pittman
Mr. John Cougill and Mrs. Alison Cougill Mr. James Plank and Mrs. Susan Plank
Mr. Curtis Coulthard and Mrs. Mary Coulthard Ms. Elaine Plaster
Mrs. Carolyn Coward Mr. John Plymale Jr. and Mrs. Shirley Plymale
Mr. William Cowherd and Mrs. Kay Cowherd Dr. Bob Pohlad and Dr. Carolyn Thomas
Mr. P. David Cox Mr. Bernard Pomfrey and Mrs. Linda Leadbetter Pomfrey
Mr. Gene Craft and Mrs. Janie Craft* Mr. Edward Poole
Ms. Margaret Cramer Mr. Paul Pope Sr. and Mrs. Cathy Pope
Mr. Gordon Crawford and Mrs. Cinda Crawford Mr. Thomas Pope and Mrs. Elizabeth Pope
Ms. Patricia Crawley Mr. Cecil Porter Jr. and Mrs. Robin Porter
Mr. John Crockett and Mrs. Dana Crockett Mr. Clifford Porter and Mrs. Trudy Porter
Mr. Matt Cross and Mrs. Nancy Cross Mr. Bittle Porterfield III and Mrs. Charlotte Porterfield
Dr. Peter Crow and Mrs. Mary Crow Mrs. Betty Powell
Ms. Sara Crow Mr. Brian Powell Sr. and Mrs. Kathleen Powell
Rev. C. Warner Crumb and Mrs. Martha Crumb Mr. Glenwood Powell and Mrs. Bettie Powell
Mrs. Gayle Crutchfield Mr. Randy Powell and Mrs. Shannon Powell
Mr. Wade Crutchfield and Mrs. Connie Crutchfield Mr. William Powell and Mrs. Ida Powell
Mr. Richard Cundiff Mr. R. David Priest and Mrs. Gerryann Priest
Mr. Donnie Curl Ms. Delma Prince
Ms. Susan Cutler Mr. Barry Pruitt and Ms. Rebecca Pruitt
Mr. Clifton Daisey and Mrs. Maureen Daisey Mr. Henry Pruner Jr. and Mrs. Diane Pruner
Mr. Bill Dale and Mrs. Tacey Dale Mr. Warren Puckett
Mr. R. Jack Dale and Mrs. Frances Dale Mr. Mark Quesenberry and Mrs. Joan Quesenberry
Mr. Patrick Daly Jr. and Mrs. April Daly Mr. Mandell Quinn and Mrs. Carolyn Quinn
Mr. Patrick Daly Sr. and Mrs. Cathy Daly Mr. Moyland Rainey and Mrs. Sara Rainey
Mrs. Ruth Dandridge Ms. Lisa Ramos
Rev. Linwood Daniel and Mrs. Barbara Daniel Lt. Col. Carlton Ramsey and Mrs. Linda Ramsey
Mrs. Cheri Danner Mr. David Ramsey
Mr. David Dansie and Mrs. Virginia Dansie Mr. John Ramsey
Mr. Frank Davidson III and Mrs. Anne Davidson Mr. Ken Randolph
Mr. Steven Davidson Mr. Craig Rascoe and Mrs. Karen Rascoe
Mr. Brian Davis and Mrs. Claudia Davis Mr. L. Ryland Rash Jr.
Mr. David Davis and Mrs. Andrea Davis Mr. Alvin Ratliff and Mrs. Vivian Ratliff
Mr. George Davis and Mrs. Virginia Davis Mrs. Dorothy Ravenhorst
Mrs. Jackie Davis Mr. Robert Ravenscroft and Mrs. Gretchen Ravenscroft
Dr. James Davis and Mrs. Janet Davis Rev. Waverly Reames and Mrs. Cheryl Reames
Mr. Joseph Davis and Mrs. Anne Davis Mr. Jeffrey Reardon
Mr. O. Allen Davis and Mrs. Mary Davis Mr. Adrian Reddington and Mrs. Sheryl Reddington
Ms. Pauline Decker Mr. A.J. Reeves and Mrs. Lillie Reeves
Mr. S. Allen DeHart* Dr. Kevin Reilly and Mrs. Dina Reilly
Mr. Earle Demarest Mr. Bobby Renick and Ms. Kathi Renick
Mr. James Dennis Mr. John Reynolds
Mr. John Deputy Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Deputy Mr. Harry Rhett
Mr. Luther Derby Jr. Ms. Lucy B. Ricardo
Ms. Leslie Dering Ms. Rebecca Ricardo and Mr. Ted Price
Mr. Alexander DeTrana and Mrs. Nancy DeTrana Mr. Gary Rice
Mr. John DeTrana Mr. Paul Rice III and Mrs. Alice Rice
Mrs. Mary DeTrana Mr. George Rich and Mrs. Karen Rich
Mrs. Kelly Dettra and Mr. John Dettra III Mr. Elliot Richards Jr. and Mrs. Dina Richards
Ms. Janet DeVasier Mr. Robert Richards and Mrs. Rebecca Richards
Mr. William Devin Mrs. Ann Richardson
Mr. Peter Dexheimer Mr. Walter Richardson
Ms. Alicia Dillon Mr. Minnis Ridenour and Mrs. Louise Ridenour
Mr. Robert Dillon and Mrs. Mary Dillon Rev. Amos Rideout Jr. and Mrs. Moonyeen Rideout
Ms. Maria Ditanna Mr. James Rivers and Mrs. Adelia Rivers
Mr. Donald Dixon and Mrs. Iva Dixon Mrs. Joan Robbins
Mr. Jeff Dixon and Mrs. Michele Dixon Mrs. Eunice Roberts
Mr. Carlton Dodge and Ms. Linda Dodge Mrs. Gail Roberts
Mrs. Lisa Dodson Mr. James Roberts and Mrs. Peggy Roberts
Mr. Kriston Donaldson Mr. David Robertson and Mrs. Mary Robertson
Mr. Michael Donavant and Mrs. Susan Donavant Mr. Robert Robinson
Mr. Ira Doom* Mr. Ronald Robinson and Mrs. Sherrill Robinson
Mr. Marshall Doss Mr. Steve Robinson and Mrs. Lisa Robinson
Mr. Randal Doss and Mrs. Penelope Doss Mr. John Rocovich and Dr. Sue Rocovich
Mr. Ralph Doud III and Mrs. Virginia Doud Mr. Warren Rodgers Sr.
Mr. David Douse and Ms. Lynn Douse Dr. Henry Roediger III and Ms. Kathleen McDermott
Mr. Tommy Dowdy Dr. Robert Rogers and Mrs. Elaine Rogers
Mr. Richard Downs Mr. Thomas Rogers and Mrs. Norma Rogers
Mr. Richard Drescher Jr. and Mrs. Christine Drescher Mr. George Rogerson Jr. and Mrs. Bess Rogerson
Mr. Bobby Drummond Jr. Mr. Frank Rorrer Jr. and Ms. Jenny Rorrer
Miss Pamela Dudding Miss Peggy Rorrer
Dr. Depue Duffey and Mrs. Cheryl Duffey Dr. Rebecca Ross
Ms. Winifred Dulany Mr. Thomas Rougeux and Ms. Kathleen Rougeux
Dr. Stuart Dulin and Mrs. Elisabeth Dulin Dr. C. Milt Rowan
Mr. Michael Duncan and Mrs. Joyce Duncan Mr. J. Keith Rowe and Mrs. Mary Ann Rowe
Mr. Alan Dungan and Mrs. Patti Dungan Dr. David Roycroft
Mr. Larry Duty and Mrs. Norma Duty Mr. Hubert Rudder Jr. and Mrs. Mona Rudder
Mr. Thomas Dyer Sr. and Mrs. Cindy Dyer Mr. Walter Rugaber and Mrs. Sally Rugaber
Mr. C. Wayne Eanes and Mrs. Barbara Eanes Ms. Sally Rutherford
Mr. Mike Eason and Mrs. Elaine Eason Mr. Dandridge Sale Jr.
Mr. Robert Easton Ms. J. Carol Sandidge
Mr. Ronald Eatmon and Mrs. Joyce Eatmon Mr. Frank Saunders Jr. and Ms. Beth Faber
Mrs. Karen Edelin-Strawbridge Mr. Marvin Sawyers and Mrs. Martha Sawyers
Mr. Steve Edmondson and Mrs. Debra Edmondson Mrs. Ty’Nesha Scales and Mr. Terris Scales
Mr. J. Lloyd Edwards and Mrs. Peggy Edwards Mr. Joel Schieck and Mrs. Pearl Schieck
Mr. Karl Edwards Mr. Charles Schmidt and Mrs. Carrie Schmidt
Mr. Michael Edwards and Mrs. Cindy Edwards Mrs. Brenda Schulman and Mr. Stephen Schulman
Dr. R. Thomas Edwards and Mrs. Evelyn Edwards Ms. Wendy Schultz
Mrs. Alice Elliott and Mr. Kenneth Elliott IV Mr. Joseph Schwarzenboeck and Mrs. Melissa Schwarzenboeck
Mr. William Elliott Jr. and Mrs. Ellen Elliott Mr. Michael Scott and Mrs. Debra Scott
Mr. F. Curtis Elswick Mrs. Betty Scruggs
Ms. Emily Epperson Mr. Matthew Scruggs and Mrs. Tara Scruggs
Mr. Rodger Epperson Sr. and Mrs. Jane Epperson Mr. Oliver Scruggs
Mr. Bryce Eubank and Mrs. Rose Eubank Mr. William Scudder Jr.
Mrs. Virginia Evans and Mr. Billy Evans* Mr. John Seaborn and Mrs. Lisa Seaborn
Mr. Gene Everette and Mrs. Pat Everette Mr. George Seals
Ms. Barbara Everhart Mr. James Sears
Mr. Ricky Everhart Ms. Vinsetta Secret-McDaniel
Mr. Neil Fadely Ms. Diane Serio
Mr. Brett Fairchild and Mrs. Brenda Fairchild Mr. Irving Sharp and Mrs. Robin Sharp
Mr. Otis Farmer and Mrs. Rebecca Farmer Mr. Miles Sheetz
Mr. Jerry Felts and Mrs. Jean Felts Mr. Gary Shelton and Mrs. Roxanne Shelton
Mrs. Martha Ferguson and Mr. C. Gilbert Ferguson* Mr. H. Ronald Shelton and Mrs. Mildred Shelton
Mr. Michael Ferlauto and Mrs. Jean Ferlauto Mr. J. Glenn Shelton and Mrs. Alice Shelton
Mr. David Fewell and Mrs. Diana Fewell Mr. Walter Shepherd III and Mrs. Ruby Shepherd
Mr. Robbie Fielder and Mrs. Cynthia Fielder Mr. Kevin Sherman and Mrs. Jennifer Sherman
Mr. John Fieser and Mrs. Barbara Fieser Ms. Michele Shermer
Mr. Jerry Finn and Mrs. Merilyn Finn Mr. Matthew Sherrard
Mr. Joseph Fioramonti and Mrs. Katherine Fioramonti Mrs. Nancy Shively
Mr. Harry Fisher II and Mrs. Carole Fisher Mr. Charles Shorter and Mrs. Joan Shorter
Mr. Hugh Fisher Jr. Mr. D. Scott Showalter and Mrs. Elizabeth Showalter
Mr. Keith Fisher Mr. Ed Sigmon and Mrs. Joy Sigmon
Mr. David Fitzgerald and Mrs. Gayle Fitzgerald Mr. Ralph Sigmon and Mrs. Patty Sigmon
Mr. Beverly Fitzpatrick Jr. and Mrs. Shirley Fitzpatrick Dr. John Simms and Mrs. Imogene Simms
Mr. Richard Fizer Jr. Mr. Paul Simms
Dr. Betsy Flanagan Mr. Ernie Simopoulos and Mrs. Renee Simopoulos
Ms. Donna Fleenor Dr. Ronald Singleton Ph.D and Mrs. Judy Singleton
Ms. H. Kathleen Fleetwood Mr. James Sink and Mrs. Judy Sink
Dr. Douglas Foard and Mrs. Ann Foard Mr. Charles Skinner
Mrs. Betty Forbes and Mr. Stanley Forbes Sr. Mr. Mark Skinner and Mrs. Janine Skinner
Mrs. Nancy Forbes* Mr. G. Bryan Slater
Mr. Stanley Forbes Jr. Mr. Dee Slaughter and Mrs. Donna Slaughter
Mr. Julian Fore Ms. Joyce Sledd
Mr. Lewis Fore and Mrs. Beth Fore Mrs. Irma Smart
Mr. Harry Forrest and Mrs. Kathryn Forrest Mr. Steven Smart and Mrs. Lisa Smart
Mr. Marvin Foster and Mrs. Janice Foster Mr. Alan Smith
Mrs. Hila Foutz and Mr. R. Matt Foutz Mr. Bart Smith and Ms. Suzanne Smith
Mr. Lanier Frantz and Mrs. Thelca Frantz Mr. Garnett Smith
Mr. Robert Franz and Mrs. Elaine Franz Ms. Heather Smith
Dr. Todd Fredericksen and Ms. Nell Fredericksen Ms. Heather Smith
Dr. George Freeman Jr. and Mrs. Mickey Freeman Mr. Martin Smith Sr. and Mrs. T. Kay Smith
Mr. Kenneth Freeman and Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman Mrs. Nelwyn Smith
Mr. Mark Frey Dr. Richard Smith and Mrs. Kathleen Smith
Mr. Albert Fritter Jr. and Mrs. Betty Fritter Mr. Roger Smith and Mrs. Christina Smith
Mr. David Frye and Mrs. Charlene Frye Ms. Robin Smith
Mr. James Fugett Jr. Mr. Eric Smither and Mrs. Melody Smither
Dr. Arthur Fulton Mrs. Bonnie Snow
Mr. James Furr and Mrs. Mary Furr Mr. Richard Snyder and Mrs. Ruth Snyder
Ms. Mary Furrow Mrs. Denise Sommers and Mr. Dennis Sommers
Ms. Mary Furrow and Mr. J.L. Furrow, II Dr. Richard Sours and Mrs. Charlotte Sours
Mr. Jerry Gainous and Mrs. Susan Gainous Mr. Stuart Sours and Mrs. Cindy Sours
Dr. Kimberly Gaiters-Fields Mr. Don Spencer and Mrs. Barbara Spencer
Mr. James Gallimore Mr. Lud Spivey and Mrs. Sandra Spivey
Rev. Jeremy Galloway and Mrs. Joyce Galloway Dr. Joseph Spooner and Mrs. Nicole Gelfert
Mr. Clyde Gantt Mr. Allan Stanley and Mrs. Connie Stanley
Mr. George Gantt Ms. Elizabeth Stanley
Mr. Gregory Gantt and Mrs. Joanna Gantt Mr. John Stanley Jr.
Mr. James Vince Garland IV and Mrs. Elizabeth Garland Mr. Edward States and Mrs. Mary Ellen States
Mrs. Pat Garman Mr. Charles Stec
Rev. Edward Garrett Jr. and Mrs. Marian Garrett Dr. Sharon Stein
Mr. David Gartrell Jr. Dr. Mary Stephens
Mr. Kenneth Gassman Jr. Mr. Larry Stephenson and Mrs. Amye Stephenson
Mr. Hartley Gaston and Mrs. Carol Gaston Mr. Thomas Stevens and Mrs. Billie Stevens
Mr. William Gaston and Mrs. Diane Gaston Mr. James Stevenson and Mrs. Carol Stevenson
Rev. Richard Geoghegan and Mrs. Phyllis Geoghegan Rev. Carl Stewart and Mrs. Sylvia Stewart
Mrs. Wanda Gibble Mrs. Janet Stewart and Mr. Richard Stewart
Dr. Annette Gibbs Ms. Angela Stinnett and Mr. Ralph Stinnett Jr.
Mr. George Gibbs Jr. Mr. Wayne K. Stinnett and Mrs. Nancy S. Stinnett
Mr. Chester Gibson Dr. Christine Stinson
Dr. Richard Giesen Mr. Lester Stinson Jr. and Mrs. Ruth Stinson
Mr. John Giles and Mrs. Brenda Giles Mrs. Deanna Stone and Mr. Dean Stone
Ms. Brooke Gill Mr. Wesley Stott
Mr. Paul Gilley and Mrs. Betty Gilley Mr. G. Edward Stover Jr. and Mrs. Michelle Stover
Mr. James Gilliam II and Mrs. Meagan Gilliam Mrs. Beverly Stowe
Rev. R. Franklin Gillis Jr. and Mrs. Betty Gillis Mr. Charles Streett IV and Mrs. Jeanie Streett
Mr. Jeffress Given Sr. and Ms. Teresa Given Mrs. Gale Strickland
Mr. Michael Glascock and Mrs. Nereida Glascock Mr. Jimmy Strickland and Mrs. Denise Strickland
Mr. Robert Glass Mr. Namon Strickland and Ms. Joan Strickland
Ms. Ann Goddard Dr. Robert Strong and Mrs. Susan Strong
Dr. Katherine Goff and Mr. Tony Goff Mr. David Stroupe and Mrs. Nancy Stroupe
Mr. James Golden and Mrs. Rhonda Golden Mr. Thomas Stuart and Ms. Lisa Stuart
Ms. Carol Goodpasture Mr. Kirt Studevant and Mrs. Lillian Studevant
Mr. Samuel Goodpasture and Mrs. Marie Goodpasture Mr. Glen Styles and Mrs. Brenda Styles
Mr. David Gordon and Mrs. Kathy Gordon Dr. Gail Summer
Mr. Randall Gordon and Mrs. Barbara Gordon Mr. Lucas Summers
Mr. Robert Goumas and Mrs. Sharon Goumas Mr. Tony Surber and Mrs. Gloria Surber
Mr. Michael Goyne and Mrs. Jessie Goyne Mr. John Sutor and Ms. Jane Campbell
Mr. Robert Grande Sr. and Ms. Penny Grande Mr. Guy Sutphin and Mrs. Linda Sutphin
Ms. Anne Gravely Ms. Ann Sutton
Mr. Jeffrey Gray Ms. Suelle Swartz
Ms. Martha Gray Mr. Gary Swats and Mrs. Helen Swats
Mr. Horace Green and Mrs. Jeannie Green Mrs. Lou Talbutt and Mr. Palmer Talbutt
Mr. Hugh Green and Mrs. Shirley Green Ms. Melissa Talley
Mrs. Joyce Greene Mr. Nelson Talley and Mrs. Rosemary Talley
Ms. Jennifer Greenleaf Mr. Thomas Tate
Dr. Ralph Greenway DDS Mrs. Twyla Tatum and Mr. Cory Tatum
Mr. Christopher Mark Greer and Mrs. Linda Greer Mrs. Gale Taylor
Mr. Eric Gribbin Dr. Gerard Taylor and Mrs. Anne Taylor
Mr. Jeff Griffin and Mrs. Kris Griffin Mr. H. Dwight Taylor
Dr. M. Katherine Grimes Mr. Ramsey Taylor and Mrs. Barbara Taylor
Mr. Jeffrey Gring and Mrs. Judy Gring Mr. William Taylor
Mr. Jim Grobe and Mrs. Holly Grobe Mr. Sam Terry and Mrs. Julia Terry
Mr. Harold Grousbeck Mr. William Tharp
Mr. Irving Groves Jr. Mr. Clark Thomas Jr. and Mrs. Susan Thomas
Mr. Richard Gruver and Mrs. Sandra Gruver Mr. Robert Thomas and Mrs. Sandra Thomas
Mr. Cory Guilliams and Mrs. Lynette Guilliams Hon. Bobby Thompson and Mrs. Glenda Thompson
Mrs. Mildred Gusler Mr. Duane Thompson and Mrs. Elesia Thompson
Mr. Phillip Hager and Mrs. Margaret Hager Mr. John Thompson Sr.
Dr. Elizabeth Hairfield and Mr. Hampton Hairfield Mr. Glenn Thomsen and Mrs. Peggy Thomsen
Ms. Joan Hairfield Ms. Suzanne Thornhill
Mr. H. Ellsworth Haley Jr. and Mrs. Phyllis Haley Mr. Thomas Throckmorton and Mrs. Jane Throckmorton
Mrs. Mary Haley Ms. Eva Tillett
Ms. Martha Haley-Bowling and Mr. Paul Bowling Mr. Mervyn Timberlake Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn Timberlake
Mr. Elmer Hall Sr. Ms. Peggy Tingler
Mr. John Hall and Mrs. Judith Hall Mr. Ryan Tipps and Mrs. Gretchen Tipps
Mr. James Hambacher and Mrs. Candy Hambacher Ms. Patricia Todd and Mr. George W. Todd, Jr.
Mr. William Hammack Mr. Robert Todd and Mrs. Barbara Todd
Mr. Todd Hamrick and Mrs. Kathleen Hamrick Mrs. Ann Toms
Ms. Barbara Hanf Mr. Stuart Townes Jr. and Mrs. Anita Townes
Dr. Bettina Hanlon Mrs. Shannon Trent
Dr. Clifford Hapgood and Mrs. Susan Hapgood Dr. Demetri Tsanacas
Mr. Joe Happe and Mrs. Lisa Happe Mrs. Judith Tunstall and Mr. Douglas Tunstall
Mr. Ronald Harbin and Mrs. Sandra Harbin Mr. Charles Turman and Mrs. Victoria Turman
Mr. Carl Harmon and Mrs. Hilda Harmon Mr. Thornton Turman and Mrs. Linda Turman
Mr. Terrance Harrelson and Mrs. Andrea Harrelson Mrs. Evelyn Turner
Mr. James Harrington and Mrs. Joan Harrington Mr. Luther Turner
Mr. Charles Harris and Mrs. Janet Harris Mrs. Melanie Turner and Mr. Daniel Turner
Mr. John Harris Mr. Michael Turner and Mrs. Jane Turner
Mrs. Dorothy Harrison Ms. Peggy Turner
Mr. J. David Hart Ms. Viola Turner
Rev. James Hart Rev. Bruce Tuttle and Mrs. Rebecca Tuttle
Mr. Michael Hart and Mrs. Martha Hart Dr. Coulbourn Tyler and Mrs. Anne Tyler
Mr. Charles Hartman Ms. Joan Tyree
Mr. Peter Hartman and Mrs. Rebecca Hartman Mr. Robert Tyree and Mrs. Dallas Tyree
Mr. William Hartnett and Mrs. Diane Hartnett Mr. Charles Tysinger
Mr. Ron Harvey and Mrs. Beth Harvey Mr. Blaine Underwood
Mr. Chris Haskins and Dr. Patricia Haskins Mr. Oma Underwood and Ms. Deborah Beale
Mr. Raif Hastings and Mrs. Lori Hastings Mr. Richard Updike and Mrs. Holley Updike
Mr. Charles Haug and Mrs. Elaine Haug Mr. Tyson Van Auken and Mrs. Dorothy Van Auken
Mr. Christian Haug Mr. Donald Vandis and Mrs. Maude Vandis
Mr. Gene Haugh, Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia Haugh Mr. John VanLuik and Mrs. Linda VanLuik
Mr. John Hawthorne and Mrs. Lily Hawthorne Mr. Roger Vasilas and Mrs. Karen Vasilas
Ms. Angela Hayes Mr. Charles Vaughan and Mrs. Donna Vaughan
Mr. Dwight Hayes and Mrs. Roselie Hayes Mr. Pierce Vaughn and Mrs. Shirley Vaughn
Mr. John Hayes and Mrs. Barbara Hayes Mr. Matthew VerSluis and Mrs. Manda VerSluis
Mr. Gene Haynes and Mrs. Anita Haynes Mr. Robert Vest Jr.
Mr. Benton Heck Dr. Sandra Via
Dr. Delia Heck and Rev. John Heck Mr. Hugh Vincent and Mrs. Janet Vincent
Ms. Connie Heindel Mr. Jason Vipperman and Mrs. Stephanie Vipperman
Mr. Jack Helie and Mrs. Dorothy Helie Ms. Joni Wade and Mr. Edward Wade
Mr. James Henderson and Mrs. Christine Henderson Mr. Ricky Wagner and Mrs. Margaret Wagner
Mr. Myron Hendrix Mr. Robert Wagner and Mrs. Susan Wagner
Mr. Jeff Henley Mr. Dale Wagoner and Mrs. Stephanie Wagoner
Ms. Linda Henry Ms. M. Diann Wagoner
Mr. Horace Henson Jr. and Mrs. Helen Henson Ms. Julia Walker
Mrs. Margaret Heyn Mr. Landon Walker and Mrs. Frances Walker
Mr. Andrew Hicks III and Mrs. B. Frances Hicks Mr. Robert Walker and Mrs. Barbara Walker
Mr. Howard Hill Mr. Steve Walker and Mrs. Brenda Walker
Mrs. Sandra Hill Mr. Joseph Wall and Mrs. Cathy Wall
Mr. David Hinkle and Mrs. Scarlet Hinkle Mr. Phillip Wall and Mrs. Donna Wall
Mr. Alan Hodges and Mrs. Dawn Hodges Mr. Woodrow Wall Jr. and Ms. Daphne Wall
Mr. Daniel Hodges and Mrs. Judy Hodges Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace
Mrs. Janet Hodges Mr. Jesse Wallace III
Mr. Robert Hodges and Ms. Dana Hodges Mr. Leonard Wallace and Mrs. Carolyn Wallace
Mr. Robert Hoekstra and Mrs. Donna Hoekstra Mr. Leonard Wallace and Mrs. Joyce Wallace
Ms. Nancy Hofmann and Mr. Raymond Hofmann* Mrs. Lottie Walters
Rev. W. Ernest Hogge Mr. John Walton and Mrs. Robin Walton
Mr. Gary Holden and Ms. Leslie Holden Mr. Roger Ward and Mrs. Mattie Ward
Mrs. Ellen Holland and Mr. Keith Holland Mr. Jeffrey Warren and Mrs. Janet Warren
Mr. Marty Hollandsworth and Ms. Heather Hollandsworth Ms. Colleen Washington and Mr. Morgan Harper
Ms. Jane Hollar Ms. Kristin Waters
Mr. Brad Holley and Ms. Tracy Holley Mr. Michael Waters and Mrs. Pamela Waters
Mr. Rocky Holley and Ms. Gail Holley Ms. Vicki Watson
Mr. Ronald Holley and Mrs. Phyllis Holley Mr. J. Vaughan Webb, Jr.
Mr. David Holmes and Mrs. Sheryl Holmes Mr. John Webb and Mrs. Luitgard Webb
Mr. Scott Holmes and Mrs. Elizabeth Holmes Mr. John Webb II
Mr. John William Holsclaw III and Mrs. Yvonne Holsclaw Mr. Rives Webb Jr.
Mrs. Marilyn Hooker Ms. Ruth Webb
Mr. William Hookham and Mrs. Lois Hookham Mrs. Elizabeth Webster
Ms. Marcia Horn Mr. Glenn Welde
Mr. David Horton and Mrs. Michelle Horton Ms. Dianne Welton
Mr. Richard Horton and Mrs. Shirley Horton Ms. Jennie West
Mr. Douglas Hotz and Mrs. Kimberly Hotz Miss Judith Whitby
Mrs. Rebecca Houchins Mr. Edwin White and Mrs. Linda White
Mr. Kenny House and Mrs. Yolanda House Mr. G. Scott White and Mrs. Leigh White
Mr. Donnell Howard Mr. James White and Mrs. Pamela White
Rev. Janine Howard Rev. Robert White Jr. and Mrs. Melissa White
Mr. John Howard Jr. Mr. Steven White and Mrs. Katrina White
Mr. Rodney Howell and Mrs. Gwendolyn Howell Dr. Lana Whited
Ms. Virginia Hudert Dr. G William Whitehurst
Mr. William Hudson and Mrs. Rhonda Hudson Mr. George Whitener and Mrs. Joan Whitener
Mr. Mark Hudzik and Mrs. Joanna Hudzik Mrs. Laura Whitlock
Mr. Jimmy Huff and Mrs. Dixie Huff Ms. Jamie Whitlow
Mr. Michael Huff and Mrs. Maria Huff Mrs. Melissa Whittington
Mr. Edward Huffman and Mrs. Karen Huffman Mr. James Wightman
Mr. Thomas Huffman Sr. Mr. Marvin Wild
Mr. Barry Hughes and Mrs. Mary Hughes Rev. W. Bruce Wilder Jr. and Ms. Kirsten Wilder
Mr. Jerry Hulick Mr. Boyd Wiley Jr. and Mrs. Lauren Wiley
Mr. Port Humphreys and Mrs. Lynne Humphreys Mr. Carrington Wilkerson and Mrs. Kathryn Wilkerson
Mr. C. Clay Hundley and Mrs. Sally Hundley Ms. Mary Wilkins
Mr. Ray Hundley and Ms. Cheryl Hundley Mr. Richard Wilkins and Mrs. Andrea Wilkins
Mrs. Anne Hunt Mr. Rodney Wilkins
Mr. David Hunt Sr. and Mrs. Marie Hunt Mr. C. Gill Williams and Mrs. Teeter Williams
Mrs. Hazel Hunt Mr. Chris Williams and Mrs. Amy Williams
Mr. Michael Hurdle and Mrs. Shanda Hurdle Mr. James Williams and Mrs. Loretta Williams
Mr. Jamie Hutchins and Mrs. Rebecca Hutchins Mr. John Williams Jr.
Mr. Mark Huxsoll and Mrs. Geri Huxsoll Ms. Laura Williams
Mr. D. Michael Hymes and Mrs. Cecelia Hymes Ms. Martha Williams
Mr. Harold Ingram Mrs. Pamela Williams and Mr. Barry Williams
Mr. Bradley Intemann and Mrs. Leslie Intemann Mr. Rayna Williams and Mrs. Deborah Williams
Mr. C. Charles Irons and Mrs. Linda Irons Mr. W. Hutt Williams and Mrs. Teresa Williams
Mr. Theodore Irving and Mrs. Sallie Irving Mrs. Zeannette Williams
Mr. Barry Isenberg and Mrs. Ann Isenberg Mr. Jim Williamson and Mrs. Sheryl Williamson
Mr. Bill Iwig and Mrs. Deborah Iwig Mr. Gordon Willis III
Mr. Paul Jaglowski and Mrs. Kelly Jaglowski Mr. Martin Willis
Mr. George Jamerson and Mrs. Debra Jamerson Mr. Jeff Wilson
Ms. Sara Jamison Mr. John Wilson
Dr. Harry Jarrett Lt. Col. Robert Wilson
Mr. Andre Jasse Hon. Samuel Wilson and Mrs. Pendred Wilson
Mr. Edward Jenkins Jr. Mr. Shelton Wine and Mrs. Regenia Wine
Mr. Donald Jennings and Mrs. Eleanor Jennings Mr. E. Jeff Winesett and Ms. Sybil Winesett
Mr. Edwin Jennings Jr. and Mrs. Harriet Jennings Mr. Richard Wingate and Mrs. Janet Wingate
Mr. Sidney Jennings and Mrs. Gloria Jennings Rev. Arthur Wingfield and Mrs. Willie Marie Wingfield
Mr. Jimmie Jett and Mrs. Virginia Jett Ms. Marilyn Wintrow
Mr. James Jez and Mrs. Cheryl Jez Ms. Mary Witcher
Mrs. Barbara Johnson Rev. Eric Wogen and Mrs. Sandra Wogen
Mrs. Bonnie Johnson Mr. David Wolfe and Mrs. Irene Wolfe CPA
Mr. David Johnson and Mrs. Patricia Johnson Mrs. Beatrice Wood
Mr. James Johnson Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia Johnson Ms. C. Faye Wood
Mr. Jeff Johnson Mr. Richard Wood
Ms. Rebecca Johnson Mr. Stuart Wood
Mr. Richard Johnson and Mrs. Carolyn Johnson Mr. Thomas Wood
Mr. Rudolph Johnson Sr. Mr. Douglas Woodley
Mr. Paul Johnston and Mrs. Linda Johnston Mrs. Felicia Woods and Mr. Marvin Woods Jr.
Ms. Brenda Jones Mrs. Jane Woolridge
Mr. C. Paty Jones Sr. and Mrs. Jane Jones Ms. Bethany Worley
Mrs. Edith Jones Mr. Jeffrey Worsham
Mr. Glover Jones III and Mrs. Emily Jones Mr. T. Michael Wrabell and Mrs. Cheri Wrabell
Mr. Ike Jones and Mrs. Rickie Jones Mr. Charles Wright
Mrs. Jean Jones and Mr. C. Henry Jones* Mr. James Wright Jr.
Mr. Joseph Jones and Mrs. Molly Jones Mrs. Janice Wright and Mr. Donald Wright Sr.*
Mr. Kevin Jones Ms. Marsha Wright
Mr. Kevin Jones and Mrs. Christy Jones Mrs. Patricia Wright
Mrs. Loretta Jones and Mr. Kenneth Jones Sr. Rev. Doyle Wyatt and Mrs. Frances Wyatt
Mrs. Patricia Jones Ms. Kathy Yacullo
Rev. Dr. Patricia Jones Mr. Gerald Yagen and Mrs. Elaine Yagen
Mr. Rufus Jones and Mrs. Carole Jones Mr. George Yancey Sr. and Mrs. Phyllis Yancey
Mr. Terence Jones and Mrs. Janet Jones Mr. James Yankey and Mrs. Elaine Yankey
Mr. William Jones Mr. Dwayne Young and Mrs. Linda Young
Mr. Charles Jordan Jr. and Mrs. Linnie Jordan Mr. George Young and Mrs. Laura Young
Mr. John Jordan Jr. and Mrs. Glenda Jordan Mr. Guy Young and Mrs. Carolyn Young
Ms. Shannon Jost Mr. Kenneth Young Jr. and Mrs. Betsy Young
Mr. Kenneth Journell and Mrs. Ann Journell Mrs. Lynn Zangari and Mr. Roy Zangari
Mr. Robert Journell and Mrs. Ruth Journell Mr. Daniel Zent and Ms. Melissa Zent
Mr. Robert Joyce Jr. Mr. James Zinck and Mrs. Beverly Zinck
Mr. Richard Kavanaugh r. Peter Zinck and Mrs. Peggy Zinck
Dr. Andrea Zuschin and Dr. David Zuschin
2014 Senior Class Of Ferrum College J. R. Monolo Trucking and Contracting
2016 Senior Class Of Ferrum College Jessie Ball duPont Fund
604 Minute Markets, Inc. KPMG Foundation
ABASN Promotional Products KR Enterprises Inc
Martha and William Adams Scholarship Trust Kroger
Aetna Foundation, Inc. Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
Agrivisions LLC Clarice S. Lynn Living Trust
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation June M. McBroom Charitable Lead Trust
AmazonSmile Foundation Mount Regis Stables, L.L.C.
American Endowment Foundation Mountain to Lake Realty
American Online Giving Foundation Norfolk Southern Foundation
Appalachian College Association Old’s Cool
Appalachian Power Patterson Charitable Foundation Trust
Art Images, Inc. PDJ Enterprises, Inc.
Bank of Southside Virginia Pfizer Foundation
BB&T Precision Monument Setters Inc.
Blue Ridge Beverage Co., Inc. Prudential Financial
The Butz Foundation R. Andrew Davis, P.C.
Dorothy Campbell Charitable Lead Trust Emma M. Ridgeway Trust Fund
Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital Roanoke Valley Wrestling
Commonwealth Home Remodelers Robert W. Baird & Company
Council Of Independent Colleges Rockydale Quarries Corporation
The Dallas Foundation Rugaber Family Fund
Daly Charitable Lead UniTrust William W. and Virginia B. Sale Foundation
JW & AG Davis Charitable Remainder Unitrust Schwab Charitable Fund
Davis Heating and Air Conditioning Shentel Foundation
Dr. Dance Inc. Smith Mountain Lake Association
Andrew H. and Anne O. Easley Trust State Farm Companies Foundation
Eastern Bank and Trust Company SunTrust Bank Foundation
EcoOptions The Winston-Salem Foundation
Edward Jones Investments Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley LLC
EIIA, Inc. Tulsa Community Foundation
ETS UMW – Cameron United Methodist Church
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund UMW – Ivey Memorial UMC
Foundation For Roanoke Valley UMW – Lynnhaven United Methodist Church
Franklin County Board of Supervisors UMW of the Virginia Conference
The Dorothy Cate And Thomas F. Frist Foundation United Methodist Women
General Board of Higher Education and Ministry University of Virginia
Ground Scapes Vanguard Charitable
The Irving & Jeff Groves Charitable Foundation The Virginia College Fund
Groves-Chaney Foundation Virginia Commission for the Arts
GWW Develpoment, Inc. Virginia Reforestation LLC
James C. (Buddy) Hawkins Memorial Trust Virginia Tourism Corporation
Hermes Family Foundation Virginia United Methodist Conference
Ho Dough Wesley Guild – First United Methodist Church
Howell’s Motor Freight, Inc. Williamsburg United Methodist Church
Inland Mutual Insurance Company Gordon C. Willis Charitable Trust