2017 – 2018 Honor Roll Listing

The College appreciates annual support from alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, trustees, churches, foundations, corporations and other organizations. Recognizing those who support the College financially is important to us. We have made every effort to ensure that our annual list of donors is correct and complete. We apologize for any errors and ask that you bring them to our attention so that we may correct our records.

The Ferrum College fiscal year 2017-2018 includes gifts received from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the lists, but any person who finds an error or omission should contact the Office of Advancement at Ferrum College, (540) 365-4299.

Mr. Franklin T. Abbott and Mrs. Peggy Adams
Mrs. Ann Boyette Abernathy*
Mr. Charles M. Abernathy*
Mr. Lester W. Abernathy and Mrs. Carla Abernathy
Ms. Susan Ramsey Ackerman
Mr. Anthony H. Adams
Mr. Alan W. Adkins
Mr. Ronald A. Adkins
Mr. Wayne Adkins and Mrs. Jeanette Hall Adkins
Mr. William H. Aiken, Jr. and Mrs. Lucy Booth Aiken
Mr. Carl D. Akers and Mrs. Mary Wade Akers
Mr. Norris T. Aldridge and Mrs. Janet J. Aldridge
Ms. Kimberly M. Allen and Mr. Donald W. Allen
Ms. Teresa Vaughan Allen and Mr. Richard Laibstain
Mr. William M. Allen and Mrs. June Allen
Mr. Mohamed Allibhai
Mrs. Joyce Thornton Almond and Mr. George W. Almond, Sr.
Mr. Richard E. Alvis and Mrs. Carlene Alvis
Mr. Roy A. Ammons and Mrs. Tommie J. Ammons
Dr. Francis Amos, MD and Mrs. Laquita Amos
Mr. John E. Anderson*
Mrs. Judith P. Anderson
Dr. Lynise Vernay Anderson
Mr. Mark H. Anderson and Ms. Melissa A. Anderson
Mr. Lawson A. Andrews
Mr. Daniel L. Angell and Mrs. Dianne O. Angell
Mr. Roger Anglin and Mrs. Sue Thomas Anglin
Mr. Charles R. Archer, Jr.
Mrs. Brenda Adams Arrington
Mr. C. Ralph Arthur, Jr. and Mrs. Sarah Shively Arthur
Mr. Parker A. Arthur and Mrs. Jan H. Arthur
Mr. Thomas C. Arthur and Mrs. Carolyn F. Arthur
Mr. Willard Arthur, Jr. and Mrs. Brenda Thomasson Arthur
Mr. Scott A. Asher
Mr. Ben Ashton and Mrs. Annette Robertson Ashton
Ms. Norma Nicholson Atchley
Mr. Randall N. Austin and Mrs. Lynnette D. Austin
Ms. Rebecca B. Austin and Mr. Terry D. Austin
Mr. David Aveline and Mrs. Brenda Johnson Aveline
Mrs. Brenda Goard Ayers
Mr. Walter C. Ayers and Mrs. Lynn Parker Ayers
Mr. William T. Bachman and Mrs. Lottie Bachman
Mr. David A. Backus and Mrs. Maxine C. Backus
Mr. William E. Baer, Jr. and Mrs. Jane Worland Baer
Mr. James W. Bailey and Dr. Betty S. Bailey
Mr. Payton M. Bailey, Sr. and Mrs. Vivian O. Bailey
Mr. Rick W.G. Bailey and Dr. Beatrice Naff Bailey
Mr. Robert H. Bailey, Jr. and Mrs. Lynda K. Bailey
Ms. Stephanie Foster Bailey and Mr. Robert S. Bailey
Mr. Jay S. Bakale and Mrs. Cheryl Kitchen Bakale
Ms. Carol A. Baker
Mr. Danny W. Baker and Mrs. Evelyn Baker
Mr. Edward A. Baker and Mrs. Judith Jones Baker
Mr. Rand W. Baker and Ms. Elizabeth Baker
Mr. Rodney J. Baker
Mrs. Janice Carroll Baldwin
Mr. Richard H. Baldwin and Mrs. Donna K. Baldwin
Mr. William B. Bales and Mrs. Marga Bales
Mr. William T. Balsley and Mrs. Shirley Balsley
Mr. Marshall L. Banks and Ms. Jeanne W. Banks
Mr. Charles S. Barall and Mrs. Barbara Barall
Mr. Willard H. Barber, Jr. and Mrs. Terry Barber
Ms. Kathy Riggsbee Bare
Mrs. Jeanne Derby Barger
Ms. Peggie R. Barker
Mrs. Billie G. Barlow and Mr. I. P. Barlow, Jr.
Mr. Carson H. Barnes and Mrs. Polly W. Barnes
Mrs. Karen Seeley Barr
Dr. Rathin N. Basu and Mrs. Supriya Basu
Mr. David H. Bates
Mr. Murrie Bates, Jr.
Mr. Russell L. Bauda and Mrs. Ruth Grim Bauda
Ms. Donna J. Baus
Mr. John C. Bauserman
Mr. Eugene W. Beach
Ms. Nancy S. Beach and Mr. John C. Beach
Mrs. Catherine I. Beachy
Ms. Melanie Fix Beard and Mr. Jerry W. Beard
Mr. Guy E. Beatty* and Mrs. Betty A. Beatty
Mr. Gerald W. Bechtle, Jr.
Mr. James T. Bell and Mrs. Laura A. Bell
Mr. James D. Bell and Mrs. Suzanne Booth Bell
Mr. Jesse W. Bennett, Jr. and Mrs. Star C. Bennett
Mr. F. Miller Bennington and Mrs. Teresa Bennington
Mr. Garland B. Berry, Sr.
Mr. Jeff W. Berry and Ms. Christy Lee Berry
Mr. Thomas D. Berry
Mr. Gregory M. Bielawski
Ms. Christine K. Binnix and Mr. Robert A. Binnix
Mrs. Shirley Register Bisselle
Mr. Benham M. Black and Mrs. JoAnn Black*
Mr. Timothy W. Black
Mr. Larry Blackwell
Mr. Gary G. Blankenship and Ms. R. K. Blankenship
Rev. Randall C. Blankenship and Mrs. Barbara Todd Blankenship
Mr. Daniel R. Blasche
Mr. Billy L. Blaylock and Ms. Mary B. Blaylock
Mr. David W. Blevins and Mrs. Gaye Bourne Blevins
Mrs. Joyce Bocock
Mr. Thomas C. Bocock
Ms. Beatrice L. Bohannon
Ms. Mary Wellford Boitnott
Mrs. Suzanne Martin Boltz
Mrs. Jean Williams Bone
Mr. Jeff Booker and Mrs. Rhonda Booker
Mr. William G. Booker, Jr. and Mrs. Brenda F. Booker
Mr. Floyd G. Boone, Jr.
Mr. Reese A. Boone and Mrs. Kathy Boone
Mr. Harold H. Booth, Jr. and Mrs. Carole Lee Fulcher Booth
Mr. Ed Bordett
Mr. George R. Boswell
Mr. Gene A. Bourne, II and Mrs. Tina L. Bourne
Mr. Kenneth D. Bowen, Sr.
Ms. Sarah F. Bowling
Dr. Harold W. Bowman and Ms. Joan W. Bowman
Mr. John A. Bowman and Mrs. Sherry Bowman
Mr. Bruce V. Boxley, III and Mrs. Linda Boxley
Mr. Benjamin Boyd and Mrs. Brenda Boyd
Mr. William L. Braford and Mrs. Lea W. Braford
Mr. Robert C. Brandon and Mrs. Sherri W. Brandon
Mr. Ronald C. Brewster
Ms. Nancy E. Briggs
Mr. Barry L. Brigman
Mr. Ryan C. Brittle and Mrs. Rebecca Brittle
Ms. Ruby M. Brogan
Mr. James N. Brooks and Mrs. Arlene S. Brooks
Ms. Paula A Brooks
Ms. Courtney L. Brown
Dr. Joseph G. Brown, Ph.D and Dr. Jody D. Brown
Ms. Kathleen B. Brown
Mr. Kenneth L. Brown and Mrs. Martha H. Brown
Mr. L. Don Brown and Mrs. Cindy Benner Brown
Ms. Linda Brown
Mr. Robert C. Brown and Mrs. Judy S. Brown
Mr. Robert L. Brown
Mr. W. Colby Brown, III and Mrs. Amanda Guilliams Brown
Mr. William D. Brown
Mrs. Virginia Wyne Broyles
Mr. Daniel W. Brubaker
Hon. E. Cline Brubaker and Mrs. Mary H. Brubaker
Ms. Nancy R. Brubaker
Mr. R. Emory Brubaker* and Mrs. Zelda H. Brubaker
Mrs. Ruby Jamison Brubaker
Mr. Steve E. Brubaker and Mrs. Jacqueline P. Brubaker
Mr. Tyler H. Brubaker
Mr. Carl O. Brudin, Jr. and Mrs. Carole S. Brudin
Mr. William H. Bryant and Mrs. Diane S. Bryant
Mr. Brenton T. Buchanan, Sr. and Ms. Virginia A. Buchanan
Mr. J. Stephen Buis and Mrs. Judy Buis
Mr. Barry C. Burcher and Mrs. Diana M. Burcher
Mrs. Carlesa Whitenack Shreves Burger
Mr. Christopher L. Burnley and Ms. Rebecca Burnley
Mr. Daniel A. Burroughs and Mrs. Joyce Fisher Burroughs
Mr. Richard D. Burruss
Mr. Bradley Butler and Mrs. Anita Fenwick Butler
Mr. John L. Butner and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Butner
Mr. Theodore H. Butz and Mrs. Cara Butz
Dr. David I. Byers and Mrs. Linda Byers
Mrs. Ellen M. Byron and Mr. Joseph F. Byron
Mr. Travis J. Caldwell
Mr. Andrew A. Calohan, Sr. and Mrs. Marsha R. Calohan
Mr. Samuel L. Camden and Mrs. Brenda A. Camden
Hon. Robert M. Camicia and Mrs. Margaret C. Camicia
Mr. Clay Campbell
Mrs. Jamie Peters Campbell and Mr. Jason Campbell
Mr. Jerry V. Campbell and Mrs. Jan Campbell
Mr. Pete Campbell and Mrs. Cheryl Mills Campbell
Mr. Joseph B. Carbone and Mrs. Patricia Carbone
Mr. Mark T. Carkhuff and Mrs. Ann Thomas Carkhuff
Mr. Jae C. Carpenter
Mr. James T. Carpenter and Mrs. Helen L. Carpenter
Mr. Thomas A. Carroll, D.V.M. and Mrs. Helen M. Carroll
Mr. James A. Carson and Mrs. Debbie Carson
Mr. Alex R. Carter, Jr. and Mrs. Ann R. Carter
Mr. Allen Carter, Sr. and Mrs. Faye Carter
Mr. David A. Carter and Ms. Elaine R. Carter
Mrs. Deborah C. Carter
Mr. Donald C. Carter and Mrs. Nancy J. Carter
Mr. John C. Carter and Mrs. Catherine A. Carter
Mr. H. Allen Carver and Mrs. Page A. Carver
Ms. Jennifer Carver
Mr. Troy H. Carver and Mrs. Tina L. Carver
Mr. Steven A. Cassada and Mrs. Lillian A. Cassada
Mr. James M. Cassady and Mrs. Betty Cassady
Mrs. Evelyn R. Cassell and Mr. John R. Cassell
Mr. Todd L. Cassell
Mrs. Bobbie Downs Caton and Mr. Bill Caton
Mr. William E. Catron and Mrs. Joanne E. Catron
Mr. David G. Caughey
Mr. Ralph E. Caylor
Mr. Irvin D. Chappell, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Rideout Chappell
Ms. Dana Chavis
Mr. Clark F. Childers and Mrs. Susan Jones Childers
Mr. Blain K. Chitwood and Ms. Lori L. Chitwood
Mrs. Marsha K. Chitwood
Mr. Michael T. Christian and Mrs. Nancy Christian
Mr. Howard Clabough and Mrs. Jeanne W. Clabough
Mr. Maynard C. Clanton, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Clanton
Mr. Donald E. Clark and Mrs. Sally L. Clark
Mr. James L. Clark, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Ann Clark
Mr. Melvin L. Clark, Jr. and Mrs. Vicki D. Clark
Mr. Ronald C. Clark and Mrs. Eugenia Clark
Mr. Ryland O. Clark, Jr. and Mrs. Nancie Clark
Mr. Robert E. Clarke and Mrs. Elaine Burleson Clarke
Mr. Timothy W. Clary, II and Mrs. Peggy Clary
Mr. Peter Clements and Mrs. Jennifer Clements
Miss Louise Clendenen
Mr. Carlyle E. Cline and Mrs. Kaye F. Cline
Mr. J. Randy Cline
Ms. Julianna Cody-Roberts
Mr. Roger D. Coffey
Mr. Robert P. Coffman and Mrs. Ruth Pemberton Coffman*
Mr. L. Steven Cole and Mrs. Jennifer Smith Cole
Ms. Joanna B. Coleman and Mr. John Coleman
Ms. Nan L. Coleman and Mr. Jay Massey
Mr. Peter H. Coley
Mrs. Patricia O. Compton
Mrs. Evelyn N. Condrey
Ms. Brenda L. Cook
Ms. Hayako O. Cook
Mr. Samuel S. Cook and Mrs. Ruth Craddock Cook
Mr. Herman S. Cooper
Mrs. Sandra K. Cooper and Mr. Roger Cooper
Mr. G. Trigg Copenhaver, II
Dr. Edward L. Cornbleet
Rev. Laughton L. Corr and Mrs. Ruby S. Corr
Mr. D. Ray Corron*
Dr. Jack W. Corvin, Sr.
Mrs. Stella Holt Couch
Mr. Charles E. Coughlin and Mrs. Judi S. Coughlin
Mr. John P. Cougill and Mrs. Alison Dugas Cougill
Mr. William D. Cowherd and Mrs. Kay Rhyne Cowherd
Ms. Julia Ej Cox
Mr. Joseph H. Crabtree and Mrs. Virginia Croft Crabtree
Mr. Dennis C. Craddock and Mrs. Faye M. Craddock
Ms. Beverley Cahoon Craft
Mr. Gordon W. Crawford and Mrs. Cinda T. Crawford
Ms. Patricia W. Crawley
Mr. Gary L. Creasy and Mrs. Ruth C. Creasy
Mr. Harvey S. Creasy
Mr. John M. Crockett and Mrs. Dana C. Crockett
Mr. Matt Cross and Mrs. Nancy Sink Cross
Dr. Peter G. Crow and Mrs. Mary Bullington Crow
Ms. Sara S. Crow
Dr. Harold Crowder, Jr.* and Mrs. Thelma B. Crowder
Rev. C. Warner Crumb and Mrs. Martha H. Crumb*
Mrs. Gayle Martin Crutchfield
Ms. Susan Cutler
Mr. Clifton R. Daisey and Mrs. Maureen M. Daisey
Mr. Patrick L. Daly, Jr. and Mrs. April Patterson Daly
Mr. Patrick L. Daly, Sr. and Mrs. Cathy Daly
Mrs. Ruth Ross Dandridge
Mrs. Ethelyne Fulcher Daniel*
Mr. Andrew L. Daniels and Mrs. Audrey M. Daniels
Mr. David R. Dansie and Mrs. Virginia Hyde Dansie
Mr. Frank G. Davidson, III and Mrs. Anne H. Davidson
Mr. Steven H. Davidson
Mr. Brian K. Davis and Mrs. Claudia Davis
Mr. David S. Davis and Mrs. Andrea Davis
Mr. George W. Davis and Mrs. Virginia Davis
Mr. Joseph A. Davis and Mrs. Anne Galloway Davis
Mr. O. Allen Davis and Mrs. Mary B. Davis
Rev. Paul B. Davis, Jr. and Mrs. Marilyn Colvin Davis
Mr. Philip J. Davis and Mrs. Lindsey Davis
Ms. Allie DeGraaf
Mr. James S. Deitrick
Mr. Earle D. Demarest
Ms. Rachel K. Denham and Dr. Robert D. Denham
Mr. James R. Dennis
Mr. John W. Deputy, Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Pulley Deputy
Ms. Leslie C. Dering
Mr. Alexander G. DeTrana and Mrs. Nancy Rabalais DeTrana
Mr. Christopher A. Dettra and Mrs. Sandra Horsburgh Dettra
Mrs. Kelly Shipe Dettra and Mr. John E. Dettra, III
Mr. Dennis M. Dickison and Mrs. Nancy Chaney Dickison
Mr. Michael A. Didawick
Mr. William S. Dillard, Jr. and Mrs. Debbi F. Dillard
Mr. Robert D. Dillon and Mrs. Mary Brimm Dillon
Mrs. Jill Collins Dix
Mr. Jeff J. Dixon and Mrs. Michele Wheeler Dixon
Mr. Carlton Dodge and Ms. Linda L. Dodge
Mr. Michael C. Donavant and Mrs. Susan Huntley Donavant
Mr. Ira F.B. Doom*
Mr. Randal L. Doss and Mrs. Penelope A. Doss
Mr. Ralph B. Doud, III and Mrs. Virginia C. Doud
Mr. Vernie E. Dove, Jr.
Mr. Tommy L. Dowdy
Mr. Richard L. Drescher, Jr. and Mrs. Christine S. Drescher
Mr. Bobby D. Drummond, Jr.
Cmdr. Kenneth A. Drummond, Sr. and Ms. Claire A. Drummond
Mr. C. Wayne Dudley
Dr. Depue H. Duffey and Mrs. Cheryl Roberts Duffey
Mr. James Duffy
Mr. Thomas P. Duggan and Ms. Julie Garst Duggan
Dr. Stuart M. Dulin and Mrs. Elisabeth A. Dulin
Mr. Alan K. Dungan and Mrs. Patti L. Dungan
Rev. Thomas R. Dunkum and Mrs. Arlene Schraga Dunkum
Mr. Thomas G. Dyer, Sr. and Mrs. Cindy Dyer
Ms. Michelle L. Dykstra
Mr. C. Wayne Eanes and Mrs. Barbara Smith Eanes
Mr. David M. Earles
Mrs. Karen Edelin-Strawbridge
Mr. J. Lloyd Edwards and Mrs. Peggy Edwards
Mr. Karl L. Edwards
Mr. Michael P. Edwards and Mrs. Cindy A. Edwards
Ms. Mary J. Elkins
Mrs. Alice McDaniel Elliott and Mr. Kenneth T. Elliott, IV
Mr. F. Curtis Elswick and Ms. Amanda T. Elswick
Mr. Tom W. England and Mrs. Susan England
Mr. Jerry M. English
Mr. Rodger D. Epperson, Sr. and Mrs. Jane Epperson
Mrs. Virginia E. Evans
Mr. Gene Everette and Mrs. Pat J. Everette
Mr. Neil C. Fadely
Mr. Brett D. Fairchild and Mrs. Brenda Fairchild
Ms. Martha Farhney
Mr. Otis J. Farmer and Mrs. Rebecca Carr Farmer
Mr. Larry Farrar and Mrs. Becky Farrar
Ms. Sandra Faulkenberry
Mr. Jerry M. Felts and Mrs. Jean Felts
Mr. Michael K. Ferguson
Mr. Michael A. Ferlauto and Mrs. Jean M. Ferlauto
Mrs. Susan Wagner Fetter
Mr. David V. Fewell and Mrs. Diana J. Fewell
Mr. John B. Fieser and Mrs. Barbara Guillan Fieser
Mrs. Ann Vaden Fink
Mr. Jerry M. Finn and Mrs. Merilyn L. Finn
Ms. Carrie L. Fisher
Mr. Hugh C. Fisher, Jr.
Mr. Keith E. Fisher
Mr. David M. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Gayle Fitzgerald
Mr. Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr. and Mrs. Shirley C. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Colin Fitzpatrick
Ms. Kathleen E. Fitzpatrick
Dr. Betsy Flanagan
Ms. Donna Fleenor
Mrs. Jan K. Fleming and Mr. Michael Fleming
Mr. Cecil A. Flora, Jr. and Mrs. Cathie B. Flora
Dr. Douglas W. Foard* and Mrs. Ann Dewey Foard
Mr. Stanley O. Forbes, Sr. and Mrs. Betty J. Forbes
Mr. Stanley O. Forbes, Jr.
Mr. Lewis L. Fore and Mrs. Beth M. Fore
Mrs. Shirley R. Foreman
Mr. Marvin L. Foster and Mrs. Janice Foster
Ms. Whitney McClanan Foster
Mrs. Hila Maxey Foutz and Mr. Richard M. Foutz, Jr.
Mr. Charles Fox, Jr. and Ms. Vanessa Fox
Mr. Michael S. Francis and Ms. Ralna M. Francis
Ms. Patricia M. Franks
Mr. Lanier Frantz and Mrs. Thelca Frantz
Mrs. Elaine Franz and Mr. Robert D. Franz
Dr. Todd S. Fredericksen and Ms. Nell Fredericksen
Ms. Ingrid A. Freeborn
Ms. Joan S. Freeland
Dr. George W. Freeman, Jr. and Mrs. Mickey Keys Freeman
Mr. Albert N. Fritter, Jr. and Mrs. Betty Humphrey Fritter
Mr. David W. Frye and Mrs. Charlene Romanus Frye
Dr. Arthur B. Fulton
Mr. James F. Furr and Mrs. Mary L. Furr
Mrs. Dalphia C. Furrow
Mr. J. L. Furrow, II and Ms. Mary Turner Furrow
Mr. Jerry L. Gainous and Mrs. Susan Gainous
Mr. James E. Gallimore
Ms. Reina Gallo
Rev. Jeremy Q. Galloway and Mrs. Joyce S. Galloway
Mr. Clyde K. Gantt
Mr. Gregory A. Gantt and Mrs. Joanna Gantt
Mr. James V. Garland, IV and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Garland
Mr. David S. Garman and Mrs. Jennifer Garman
Mrs. Pat Garman
Ms. Janetta M. Garrett
Mr. Kenneth M. Gassman, Jr. and Mrs. Wendy Sheridan Gassman
Mr. Hartley Gaston and Mrs. Carol A. Gaston
Rev. Richard J. Geoghegan and Mrs. Phyllis Washburn Geoghegan
Mr. Ed G. George and Mrs. Rose M. George
Ms. Chrissy Gervais
Dr. Annette Gibbs
Mr. George J. Gibbs, Jr.
Ms. Nisai J.M. Gibbs
Dr. Richard A. Giesen
Mr. John M. Giles and Mrs. Brenda T. Giles
Ms. Brooke E. Gill
Mr. Michael A. Gillespie
Mr. Paul W. Gilley and Mrs. Betty F. Gilley
Mr. James T. Gilliam, II and Mrs. Meagan Carter Gilliam
Rev. R. Franklin Gillis, Jr. and Mrs. Betty O. Gillis
Mrs. Patricia W. Gochenour and Mr. W. N. Gochenour, Jr.
Ms. Carol Goodpasture
Mr. H. Glenn Goodpasture and Mrs. Brenda Zachary Goodpasture
Mr. Samuel H. Goodpasture and Mrs. Marie W. Goodpasture
Mrs. Christa Goodrich
Mr. Randall C. Gordon and Mrs. Barbara Gordon
Mr. Nick N. Gosslin and Mrs. Pamela A. Gosslin
Mr. George B. Gotschalk, Jr. and Mrs. Martha Coleman Gotschalk
Mr. Robert S. Grande, Sr. and Ms. Penny S. Grande
Ms. Anne L. Gravely
Mr. Jeffrey N. Gray
Mr. Horace F. Green and Mrs. Jeannie Green
Mr. Hugh A. Green and Mrs. Shirley Young Green
Mrs. Joyce Parcell Greene
Mr. Charles B. Greenway and Mrs. Lisa Gentry Greenway
Dr. Dennis E. Gregory
Mr. Apostolos G. Grekos and Ms. Margurete Grekos
Mr. Jeff Griffin and Mrs. Kris Griffin
Mr. Bruce A. Griffith and Mrs. Cindy Griffith
Dr. Margaret K. Grimes
Mr. Jim B. Grobe and Mrs. Holly C. Grobe
Mr. Cory L. Guilliams and Mrs. Lynette Evans Guilliams
Ms. Pattie Norton Gunter
Mrs. Mildred Spencer Gusler
Ms. Gilda Guzman
Mr. Donald W. Hadley and Mrs. Alisa S. Hadley
Mr. Phillip E. Hager and Mrs. Margaret L. Hager
Mrs. Carol L. Hagy and Dr. John A. Hagy, Sr.
Dr. Elizabeth M. Hairfield and Mr. Hampton Hairfield
Ms. Rhonda A Hairston
Mr. H. Ellsworth Haley, Jr. and Mrs. Phyllis Lamm Haley
Mrs. Kristen Cardinale Haley
Mrs. Mary L. Haley
Ms. Martha B. Haley-Bowling and Mr. Paul E. Bowling
Mr. Elmer D. Hall, Sr.
Mr. John R. Hall and Mrs. Judith Hampton Hall
Mr. John A. Hall and Mrs. Karen Haynes Hall
Mr. William R. Hall, Sr.*
Ms. Eileen K. Halpin
Mr. James R. Hambacher and Mrs. Candy Hambacher
Mr. Geoffrey Hambrick
Mr. Dwight A. Hamilton
Mrs. S. Revelle Hamilton
Mr. William K. Hammack
Mr. Todd A. Hamrick and Mrs. Kathleen Hamrick
Dr. Bettina L. Hanlon
Sgt. Donald Hannuksela and Mrs. Rhonda Hannuksela
Dr. Clifford F. Hapgood and Mrs. Susan Hapgood
Mr. Ronald Harbin and Mrs. Sandra Harbin
Mr. Malcolm E. Hargis
Mr. Wendell T. Hargrave and Mrs. Martha C. Hargrave
Mr. Stewart R. Hargrove, Sr. and Mrs. Lynn Hargrove
Dr. Allison L. Harl
Mr. Larry W. Harlow
Mr. Carl G. Harmon and Mrs. Hilda Wright Harmon
Mr. Robert E. Harper, Sr. and Mrs. Carolyn Harper
Ms. Barbara Harrell
Mr. James P. Harrington and Mrs. Joan M. Harrington
Mr. Charles C. Harris and Mrs. Janet E. Harris
Mr. E. Thomas Harris and Mrs. Sherwood Harris
Mrs. Mary L. Harris
Mr. Paul L. Harris, Jr. and Mrs. Susan L. Harris
Mr. W. Douglas Harris and Ms. Teresa A. Harris
Mrs. Dorothy Dozier Harrison
Mr. William C. Hartnett and Mrs. Diane Hartnett
Mr. William B. Harvey and Mrs. Karen Jenkins Harvey
Mr. Chris Haskins and Dr. Patricia Moyer Haskins
Mr. Charles C. Haug and Mrs. Elaine P. Haug
Mr. Ralph E. Haugh, Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia Haugh
Mr. Stanley H. Hawkins and Mrs. Karen A. Hawkins
Mr. John W. Hawthorne and Mrs. Lily Lassiter Hawthorne
Mr. Gene Haynes and Mrs. Anita L. Haynes
Dr. Delia R. Heck and Rev. John H. Heck
Mr. Ronnie R. Helmondollar and Mrs. Lisa A. Loyd
Mrs. Joanne S. Henderson
Mr. John L. Herritt
Mrs. Margaret W. Heyn
Mr. David W. Higgs and Ms. Deborah A. Williams
Mr. Howard C. Hill
Mrs. Sandra Cordle Hill
Mr. Roderick Hines
Mr. David D. Hinkle and Mrs. Scarlet Baker Hinkle
Mr. Alan D. Hodges and Mrs. Dawn Cockerille Hodges
Mrs. Donna Ellis Hoekstra and Mr. Robert C. Hoekstra
Rev. W. Ernest Hogge
Mr. Albert G. Hoke, Jr.
Ms. Katherine A. Holcomb
Mr. Gary A. Holden and Ms. Leslie A. Holden
Mr. Brad D. Holley and Ms. Tracy Sigmon Holley
Mr. Rocky L. Holley and Ms. Gail M. Holley
Mr. Ronald G. Holley and Mrs. Phyllis W. Holley
Mr. Ronnie Hollier
Mrs. Evelyn R. Holmes
Mr. Scott K. Holmes and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Holmes
Mrs. Sheryl Barber Holmes and Mr. David L. Holmes
Mr. John W. Holsclaw, III and Mrs. Yvonne E. Holsclaw
Mrs. Betty D. Holt
Ms. Kerry Holt and Mr. Robert Holt
Mr. William A. Honbarrier and Ms. Katlin B. Honbarrier
Mrs. Marilyn B. Hooker
Mr. William C. Hookham and Mrs. Lois E. Hookham
Ms. Barbara Hoover-Bergey
Ms. Marcia D. Horn
Mr. David N. Horton and Mrs. Michelle Gay Horton
Mr. Richard A. Horton and Mrs. Shirley Spencer Horton
Mr. Douglas R. Hotz and Mrs. Kimberly Hisel Hotz
Mrs. Rebecca Brammer Houchins
Mr. Kenny S.G. House and Mrs. Yolanda House
Rev. Janine W. Howard
Mr. John L. Howard, Jr.
Dr. David B. Howell and Mrs. Gloria J. Howell
Mr. Rodney D. Howell and Mrs. Gwendolyn F. Howell
Ms. Virginia N. Hudert
Mr. William L. Hudson and Mrs. Rhonda T. Hudson
Mr. Mark Hudzik and Mrs. Joanna Gruver Hudzik
Mr. Michael R. Huff and Mrs. Maria J. Huff
Mr. Darrell E. Huffman
Mr. Edward L. Huffman and Mrs. Karen Huffman
Mr. M. Richard Huffman and Mrs. Patricia L. Huffman
Mr. Thomas E. Huffman, Sr.
Mr. Barry G. Hughes and Mrs. Mary C. Hughes
Mr. Walter K. Hughes, Sr. and Mrs. Yvonne Barker Hughes
Mr. Port O. Humphreys and Mrs. Lynne Humphreys
Mr. Ray B. Hundley and Ms. Cheryl T. Hundley
Mr. Claude D. Hunt, III
Mrs. Hazel Wall Hunt
Mr. James A. Hurd, Sr. and Mrs. Carolyn Pitt Hurd
Mr. Jamie L. Hutchins and Mrs. Rebecca Roberts Hutchins
Mr. Harold L. Ingram
Mr. Bradley P. Intemann and Mrs. Leslie L. Intemann
Mr. C. Charles Irons and Mrs. Linda B. Irons
Ms. Wanda J. Isaac
Mrs. Ann Hoffmann Isenberg and Mr. Barry S. Isenberg
Mrs. Sandra Peters Jackson and Mr. Edward Jackson
Mr. Paul T. Jaglowski and Mrs. Kelly Jaglowski
Rev. Lee R. Jamison
Mr. Richard W. Jamison and Ms. Susan W. Jamison
Mr. Stuart A. Jamison and Ms. Sara Woody Jamison
Ms. Leanne W. Jardine
Dr. Harry W. Jarrett
Mr. Andre C. Jasse
Mr. William E. Jeffress and Mrs. Patricia Gilbert Jeffress
Mr. Donald D. Jennings and Mrs. Eleanor Jennings
Mr. Edwin C. Jennings, Jr. and Mrs. Harriet Holt Jennings
Mr. Cory S. Jessee and Ms. Ashley Timms Jessee
Mr. Jimmie M. Jett and Mrs. Virginia M. Jett
Mr. James A. Jez and Mrs. Cheryl L. Jez
Dr. David L. Johns and Mrs. Susan L. Johns
Mrs. Barbara G. Johnson
Mrs. Barbra Johnson
Mrs. Bonnie Newlon Johnson
Mr. Eric A. Johnson and Mrs. Barbara Johnson
Rev. Dr. Hugh G. Johnson and Mrs. Shirliann F. Johnson
Mr. James A. Johnson, Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia Johnson
Mr. Jeff M. Johnson
Mr. Richard S. Johnson and Mrs. Carolyn Deyerle Johnson
Mr. Rudolph L. Johnson, Sr.
Mrs. Edith Gusler Jones
Mr. Glover H. Jones, III and Mrs. Emily Jones
Mr. Kevin Jones and Mrs. Christy Williams Jones
Mr. Kevin L. Jones
Rev. Dr. Patricia A Jones
Mrs. Patricia English Jones
Mr. Rufus A. Jones and Mrs. Carole C. Jones
Mr. Terence A. Jones and Mrs. Janet K. Jones
Mr. Timothy S. Jones and Ms. Ursula J. Jones
Mr. John M. Jordan, Jr. and Mrs. Glenda D. Jordan
Ms. Shannon B. Jost
Mrs. Ann Melton Journell
Mr. Robert B. Journell and Mrs. Ruth Sparks Journell
Ms. Stephanie Journette
Mrs. Edna S. Joyner
Ms. Dawn Judd
Mr. Raef Judd
Ms. Kim Kale
Mr. Stewart L. Kallam and Mrs. Myrna Kallam
Mrs. Phyllis Quinn Karavatakis and Mr. Nick J. Karavatakis
Mr. Richard A. Kavanaugh
Mr. Joseph B. Keesee and Mrs. Phyllis Richardson Keesee
Mr. James R. Keiser and Mrs. Pamela J. Keiser
Mr. Donald J. Kelly and Mrs. Elsie M. Kelly
Mr. James S. Kelly, Sr. and Mrs. Beverly S. Kelly
Mr. T. Mills Kelly and Mrs. Susan D. Kelly
Mr. Douglas A. Kendall
Mr. Carroll W. Kenny and Mrs. Wanda F. Kenny
Mrs. Marian Saunders Kessler
Ms. Patricia L. Kibler

Rev. Myung J. Kim and Mrs. Doris Kim
Mr. William B. Kinderman
Mr. John G. Kines, Jr. and Mrs. Linda B. Kines
Mr. Charles R. King, Jr.
Mr. Francis R. King, Jr. and Mrs. Mary T. King
Ms. Jessa E. King
Mr. Paul W. King and Mrs. Vicki L. King
Mr. Tom Kirtz and Ms. Marcie Lee Kirtz
Mr. William L. Kite, Jr. and Mrs. Karen Davis Kite
Dr. John V. Kitterman and Mrs. Kathy Kitterman
Mrs. Lana E. Klein
Mr. Donald W. Klosterman and Ms. Kathleen T. Klosterman
Mr. John M. Knowles and Mrs. Simone Arlette Knowles
Mr. Oliver W. Kofoid
Ms. Judith Konisky
Mr. Donald E. Koonce and Mrs. Barbara M. Koonce
Mr. Jan S. Kozyra and Mrs. Arlene Carper Kozyra
Mr. Venusto Labiaga
Mr. Robert E. Laine and Mrs. Deborah Laine
Mr. Steven C. Lambert
Mr. Douglas B. Lane and Mrs. Susan Lane
Mr. Bradley Lang and Ms. Slone Hodges Lang
Mr. Edward D. LaPrade
Mrs. Patricia Jones LaReau
Mr. Steven R. Lavinder and Mrs. Amy Lavinder
Mrs. Bonnie Cooper Law
Mrs. Patsy Brown Layer
Rev. William A. Layman and Mrs. Elaine F. Layman
Mr. Don Lazenby and Rev. Elizabeth H. Lazenby
Mr. Bill E. Leatherman and Mrs. Nancy Leatherman
Mrs. Carolyn Brammer Lee and Mr. Donald S. Lee
Sgt. Jamie J. Lee and Mrs. Debbie Lee
Ms. Julie Kingery Lee and Mr. James T. Lee
Mr. James R. Leech* and Ms. Crystal T. Leech
Dr. Bernadette E. Leidel
Mr. Thomas H. Lemke and Mrs. Wanda K. Lemke
Mrs. Dollie Richardson LeMond
Ms. Nicole Lenez
Mr. Claiborne R. Leonard and Mrs. Betty D. Leonard
Mrs. Julie Leonard
Mr. Robin F. Leonard
Mr. Russell G. Leslie and Mrs. Sue Leslie
Dr. Barberlyn Gale Levesque
Mr. Robert F. Lewis
Mrs. Shannon Rives Light
Mr. J. York Lindsey and Mrs. LaRhonda Lindsey
Mr. Sam L. Lionberger, Jr. and Mrs. Lorinda G. Lionberger
Mr. Paul R. Lister and Ms. Dawn Sheetz Lister
Mr. Sam Litton and Ms. Joan H. Litton
Mr. Steve M. Lloyd and Mrs. Deanne Bowling Lloyd
Mrs. Bonnie P. Lofton
Mr. James A. Lofton
Mr. James L. Lofton
Mr. Alex B. Long
Mr. Harry E. Long and Mrs. Virginia L. Long
Mrs. Annie Reynolds Looney and Mr. Monte Looney
Mr. J. Glynn Loope and Mrs. Jill B. Loope
Mr. Kip Lornell
Ms. Carol C. Love
Mr. Gordon W. Love, Jr. and Mrs. Sharon B. Love
Rev. David W. Lovelace and Dr. Elaine A. Lovelace
Mr. J. Wayne Loving and Mrs. Kathleen B. Loving
Mr. Kenneth R. Loving, Jr. and Mrs. Bethany Sigler Loving
Mr. Jim Lowe and Mrs. Tami Fulton Lowe
Mr. Tony M. Lowe and Ms. Judith Upchurch
Ms. Kimberly Flanagan Lower
Mrs. Nancy Liles Lowery and Mr. W.S. Lowery
Mr. Robert N. Lowery
Mr. John W. Luck
Ms. Teresa Luckert
Mr. Donald A. Lucy and Mrs. Barbara P. Lucy
Mrs. Jean Hodges Lugar
Mr. Larry E. Lugar and Mrs. Sharon St. Clair Lugar
Mr. Eugene D. Luke
Mr. Donald F. Luttrell and Mrs. Lynda Kelly Luttrell
Mr. Charles A. Lynch
Mr. Kailey E. Lynch and Mrs. Sherry Thurman Lynch
Mr. Richard W. Lyons
Col. Harry G. MacGregor, Jr. and Mrs. Teresa Johnson MacGregor
Dr. Melvin L. Macklin
Mr. Daniel J. Madar and Mrs. Harriet A. Madar
Mr. Chad A. Maddox and Mrs. Cynthia A. Maddox
Mr. Eugene H. Major and Mrs. Martha Wray Major
Mr. John W. Mallard, Jr.
Mr. Richard E. Manley, Sr. and Ms. Cynthia Smith
Mr. Jeffrey A. Margolis and Ms. Barbara B. Margolis
Mr. Robert F. Marks, III and Mrs. Patsy E. Marks
Ms. Brenda C. Martin and Mr. Gary R. Martin
Mrs. Dena Herndon Martin and Mr. Russell P. Martin
Ms. Kitty M. Martin
Mrs. Lucy Ewing Martin
Ms. Sally Graham Martin
Mr. Aubrey L. Mason and Mrs. Sandra C. Mason
Mr. Judson P. Mason and Mrs. Jackie Rascoe Mason
Mr. Sidney D. Mason
Mr. Charles L. Massie and Mrs. Mary A. Massie
Mr. Walter P. Matthews and Mrs. Natalie McHale Matthews
Mr. Billy L. Mauney
Mr. Lawrence J. May
Mr. Robert C. May, Jr. and Mrs. Julia P. May
Mr. James F. Mayes and Mrs. Donna P. Mayes
Ms. Mary Overfelt McAden
Rev. Robinson H. McAden and Mrs. Shelby McAden
Mr. Paul W. McAdoo and Ms. Lisa S. McAdoo
Mrs. Shirley A McAdoo
Mr. Cal F. McAlexander and Mrs. Jane Cumby McAlexander
Mrs. Renae F. McBride
Mr. James W. McCarty, Sr. and Mrs. Bonnie McCarty
Mr. John H. McChesney and Mrs. Arianne T. Premuzic McChesney
Mr. John M. McClintic and Mrs. Jacklyn Ketterman McClintic
Ms. Dorothy A. McClure
Mr. J. Kevin McConnell and Mrs. Suzanne W. McConnell
Mr. Robert E. McCord and Mrs. Barbara A. McCord
Mr. Jerry McCoy and Mrs. Virginia R. McCoy
Ms. Loretta Y. McGhee
Mr. Joseph A. McGlothlin and Mrs. Gail Liddle McGlothlin
Ms. Donna T. McGuire
Mr. Gregory C. McMillan
Mr. A. Edward McMurdo, II
Mr. Carl E. McNew and Ms. Kathleen O’Connor McNew
Mr. Paul T. McWane and Mrs. Anna Edwards McWane
Mr. Larry E. Meadors and Mrs. Cathy E. Meadors
Mr. Thomas Meehan
Ms. Sherilyn D. Meixner
Mrs. Melissa McDaniel Mercer and Mr. Montego L. Mercer
Mr. J. Howard Middleton, III
Mr. John P. Midyette and Mrs. Donna Shields Midyette
Mr. Thomas Millen and Mrs. Gloria Smith Millen
Mr. Alan Miller and Mrs. Phyllis A. Miller
Mr. George A. Miller
Ms. Lenora Miller
Mr. Timothy M. Miller
Ms. Margaret C. Milona
Mr. Tom Milstead
Mr. Arthur W. Mitchell and Mrs. Mary Jo Mitchell
Ms. Felicia Mitchell
Mr. Richard Mitchell
Mr. William L. Mitchell, III
Ms. Elizabeth A. Mobley
Mr. Jeffrey K. Mohica
Mr. Ernest L. Mongold, Jr. and Mrs. Barbara R. Mongold
Mr. J. Robert Monolo and Mrs. Christy R. Monolo
Mr. Thomas A. Moody and Mrs. Brenda C. Moody
Mrs. Wise S. Moon
Mrs. Glenna Moore
Mr. J. Roderick Moore and Ms. Sally F. Moore
Dr. Van A. Moore*
Mr. William B. Moore
Mrs. Joyce Johnson Moorman and Mr. Jerry Moorman
Mr. Kevin J. Moran and Mrs. Katherine A. Moran
Mr. Mario E. Morgan and Mrs. Deborah Morgan
Ms. Raetoya E. Morrison
Mr. Brian Mosier and Ms. Mary Mosier
Mr. Gene Mosier and Mrs. Georgia Mosier
Mrs. Sallie Atkinson Mowbray and Mr. Freddie C. Mowbray
Mr. Harold J. Muddiman and Mrs. Jane R. Muddiman
Mr. Steven E. Muller, Sr. and Ms. Joan M. Muller
Mr. William M. Mulvey, Jr. and Mrs. Caroline Mulvey
Mr. Wayne A. Munch and Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Munch
Miss Virginia B. Murden*
Mr. Ralph O. Murray, Jr. and Mrs. Beverly Setliff Murray
Mr. Billy Muse and Mrs. Brenda Webb Muse
Mr. Justin L. Muse
Mr. Mark A. Musick and Mrs. Emily Musick
Mr. E. Michael Mutchler and Ms. Dolores A. Mutchler
Ms. Susanne F. Myatt
Mr. Donald R. Myers and Mrs. Nancy Mohler Myers
Mr. John F. Myers, Jr. and Mrs. Marie M. Myers
Mr. John A. Naff and Mrs. Terri Esperti Naff
Mr. Wesley W. Naff, III and Ms. Michele K. Naff
Ms. Louise Nance
Mr. A. Carl Nave, III and Mrs. Tomi P. Nave
Mr. Ronald B. Neely and Mrs. Donna Herron Neely
Mrs. Annita Palmer Nelson
Mr. David A. Nelson
Mr. Joseph W. Newbill and Mrs. Carolyn Newbill
Mrs. Ann Newman-Robinson
Mr. James A. Nichols and Ms. Jill H. Nichols
Mrs. Misty Butler Nichols
Dr. Jan C. Nicholson Angle
Mrs. Norma P. Niemi
Mr. Harry G. Norris and Mrs. Natalie S. Norris
Ms. Carol J. Northey
Mr. Hank Norton, Jr.
Mr. Mitchell W. Nuckles and Mrs. Lori Nuckles
Mr. Stephen W. Nuttycombe, Sr. and Mrs. Johnise Nuttycombe
Mrs. Betty J. O’Bryan
Mr. Richard H. Ogg
Ms. Kathleen E. O’Malley and Mr. Don Pritchard
Mr. John T. O’Neill and Ms. Ellen M. O’Neill
Mr. James H. Orrock and Mrs. Christine M. Orrock
Miss Patricia G. Osborne
Mr. Kemble A. Overby
Mr. Rufus Owen, III and Mrs. Hallie T. Owen
Mr. Jason A. Page and Mrs. Anginet D. Page
Mr. Carey W. Pahel and Mrs. Nancy H. Pahel
Mr. Jeffrey L. Palmer and Mrs. Laurie A. Palmer
Mr. Ovila C. Panneton and Mrs. Ruth H. Panneton
Mrs. Carol Bryant Parker
Mr. Kendall L. Parker and Mrs. Jean M. Parker
Mr. Robert S. Parker, Jr. and Mrs. Lennie England Parker
Ms. Audrey H. Parsons
Ms. Gail D. Payne
Mr. David Pearman and Ms. Catherine Bain Pearman
Mrs. Nadine Harris Peel and Mr. Ras E. Peel
Dr. Alan T. Penn and Mrs. Frani Penn
Mr. James A. Pennix
Mr. Danny M. Perdue and Mrs. Sherry A. Perdue
Mr. Larry W. Perdue and Mrs. Angela Perdue
Dr. Marvin Perdue and Mrs. Annie R. Perdue
Mr. Richard Perdue and Ms. Cara D. Perdue
Mr. Charles R. Perry
Ms. Martha J. Perry
Mr. Raymond O. Perry and Mrs. Crystal Dillon Perry
Mrs. Debra H. Peters
Ms. Jean Peters
Rev. John B. Peters
Mr. Arthur W. Petersen, III and Mrs. Pamela Furr Petersen
Mr. David K. Peterson
Mr. James M. Pharr
Dr. Marvin M. Phaup, Jr.
Mr. Edwin A. Phelps, III and Mrs. Amy Luginbuhl Phelps
Mr. John B. Phillippi
Mr. Baxter F. Phillips, Jr. and Mrs. Sharon Lee Phillips
Mr. Edwin C. Phillips and Mrs. Martha Arnold Phillips
Mr. Larkin C. Phillips and Mrs. Lou Ann Dover Phillips
Mr. Sam Phillips and Mrs. Margaret Robertson Phillips
Mr. Tommy Phillips and Mrs. Nancy Hanks Phillips
Dr. Benjamin M. Philpott and Mrs. Mary E. Philpott
Mr. Kelvin Pierce
Ms. Lisa M. Pierozzi
Mrs. Margaret Smith Pillow
Ms. Deborah Pinkston
Mr. James R. Pittard and Mrs. Joyce Pittard
Mr. Carl G. Plasch
Ms. Elaine B. Plaster
Dr. Bob R. Pohlad and Dr. Carolyn L. Thomas
Mr. Bernard S. Pomfrey and Mrs. Linda Leadbetter Pomfrey
Mr. Cecil L. Porter, Jr. and Mrs. Robin Porter
Mr. Bittle W. Porterfield, III and Mrs. Charlotte Porterfield
Mr. Reginald H. Potts, IV and Mrs. Susan J. Potts
Mr. Brian G. Powell, Sr. and Mrs. Kathleen Goodpasture Powell
Mr. Glenwood S. Powell and Mrs. Bettie C. Powell
Mr. Randy W. Powell and Mrs. Shannon Rothgeb Powell
Mr. William T. Powell and Mrs. Ida B. Powell
Mrs. Wilhelmina Rish Price
Mr. R. David Priest and Mrs. Gerryann H. Priest
Ms. Delma J. Prince
Ms. Desdie C. Prince and Mr. Joe E. Archuleta
Mr. Martin Quesenberry and Mrs. Rebecca Holder Quesenberry
Mr. Mandell G. Quinn and Mrs. Carolyn M. Quinn
Mr. Chad T. Raetz and Ms. Patricia Raetz
Ms. Tracy Raetz
Mr. Moyland G. Rainey and Mrs. Sara J. Rainey
Ms. Lisa Ramos
Lt. Col. Carlton L. Ramsey and Mrs. Linda Ford Ramsey
Mr. John K. Ramsey
Mr. Craig L. Rascoe and Mrs. Karen K. Rascoe
Mr. L. Ryland Rash, Jr.
Mr. Alvin Ratliff and Mrs. Vivian Ratliff
Mrs. Dorothy A. Ravenhorst
Mr. Robert B. Ravenscroft and Mrs. Gretchen Ravenscroft
Rev. Waverly G. Reames and Mrs. Cheryl Reames
Mr. Jeffrey K. Reardon
Mr. Adrian D. Reddington and Ms. Sheryl Moody Reddington
Mr. James W. Reed
Mr. Herbert M. Reedy and Mrs. Melba M. Reedy
Mr. A. J. Reeves and Mrs. Lillie Y. Reeves
Ms. Deanna R. Reid
Dr. Kevin P. Reilly and Mrs. Dina L. Reilly
Mr. Rene’ R. Reiner
Mr. Bobby C. Renick and Ms. Linda K. Renick
Ms. Judy L. Reynolds
Ms. Lucy B. Ricardo
Mr. Gary W. Rice
Mr. Paul W. Rice, III and Mrs. Alice Rice
Mr. George F. Rich and Mrs. Karen B. Rich
Mr. Elliot L. Richards, Jr. and Mrs. Dina Furrow Richards
Mrs. Patricia Vines Richardson
Mr. Walter L. Richardson
Rev. Amos S. Rideout, Jr. and Mrs. Moonyeen Rideout
Mr. James E. Rivers and Mrs. Adelia M. Rivers
Mrs. Linda Simmons Roane
Mrs. Eunice Via Roberts
Mrs. Margaret Nuckols Roberts and Mr. Chester A. Roberts
Mr. L. Keith Robertson and Mrs. Carole B. Robertson
Mr. Anthony Robie
Mr. Steve A. Robinson and Mrs. Lisa L. Robinson
Mr. Thomas L. Robinson, Jr. and Mrs. Linda P. Robinson
Mr. John G. Rocovich and Dr. Sue E. Rocovich
Dr. Henry L. Roediger, III and Ms. Kathleen McDermott
Mr. Thomas A. Rogers and Mrs. Norma A. Rogers
Mr. George T. Rogerson, Jr. and Mrs. Bess Thomas Rogerson
Ms. Ann Romines
Ms. Jenny M. Rorrer and Mr. Frank M. Rorrer, Jr.
Miss Peggy A. Rorrer
Dr. J. Robert Rose, Sr. and Mrs. Annie Dowdy Rose
Mrs. Nina F. Ross
Dr. Rebecca E. Ross
Mrs. Suzanne Davis Ross
Mr. N. Willis Rotenizer and Mrs. Emma Lou Smithers Rotenizer
Dr. Carl M. Rowan
Mr. J. Keith Rowe and Mrs. Mary Ann A. Rowe
Dr. David W. Roycroft and Dr. Elizabeth Roycroft
Mr. Hubert C. Rudder, Jr. and Mrs. Mona Rudder
Mr. Walter Rugaber and Mrs. Sally R. Rugaber
Mrs. Maria N. Rymaruk
Mr. Benjamin G. Sabater, Jr.
Ms. Zenaida S. Sabater
Mrs. Barbara Cofer Sadler and Mr. Alexander B. Sadler, Jr.
Mr. Dandridge L. Sale, Jr.
Mr. George R. Sanborn and Ms. Jana Brown Smith
Ms. J. C. Sandidge
Mr. Frank L. Saunders, Jr. and Ms. Beth Faber
Mrs. Ty’Nesha Jamison Scales and Mr. Terris J. Scales
Mr. Charles B. Schmidt and Mrs. Carrie Smith Schmidt
Mr. James C. Schubert and Mrs. Cheryl J. Schubert
Mrs. Frances Harris Schwabenton and Mr. John S. Schwabenton
Mr. Donald D. Scott and Ms. Joyce D. Scott
Mrs. Geraldine N. Scott
Mr. Michael W. Scott and Mrs. Debra Buckner Scott
Mrs. Betty Reynolds Scruggs
Mr. Matthew W. Scruggs and Mrs. Tara L. Scruggs
Mr. Oliver M. Scruggs
Mr. William P. Scudder, Jr.
Mr. John M. Seaborn and Mrs. Lisa W. Seaborn
Mr. Roger M. Seale and Ms. Virginia B. Seale
Mr. George W. Seals and Ms. Deborah W. Seals
Mr. Randy R. Setterlund and Mrs. Marianne K. Setterlund
Mr. Irving S. Sharp and Mrs. Robin C. Sharp
Mr. John F. Sheehan, III and Ms. Colleen Sheehan
Mr. Michael R. Sheets and Mrs. Krista Britt Sheets
Mr. Gary R. Shelton and Mrs. Roxanne C. Shelton
Mr. J. Glenn Shelton and Mrs. Alice L. Shelton
Mr. Alva T. Shepherd and Mrs. Jean B. Shepherd
Mr. Walter H. Shepherd, III and Mrs. Ruby Kingery Shepherd
Mr. Philip O. Sheridan
Mr. Kevin S. Sherman and Mrs. Jennifer L. Sherman
Mr. Matthew M. Sherrard
Mrs. Nancy P. Shively
Mr. D. Scott Showalter and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Showalter
Mr. Ralph M. Sigmon and Mrs. Patty P. Sigmon
Ms. Penny Simmons
Mrs. Corene Martin Simms
Mr. Paul Simms
Mr. Ernie W. Simopoulos and Mrs. Renee Simopoulos
Mr. Timothy G. Sims and Mrs. Robyn Abshire Sims
Dr. Ronald E. Singleton, Ph.D and Mrs. Judy W. Singleton
Mr. Charles A. Skinner
Mr. G. Bryan Slater
Mr. Dee H. Slaughter and Mrs. Donna Slaughter
Mr. Adam M. Sledd
Ms. Joyce P. Sledd*
Mrs. Irma H. Smart
Mr. Steven E. Smart and Mrs. Lisa A. Smart
Mr. Alan P. Smith
Mr. Bart Smith and Ms. Suzanne Robertson Smith
Mrs. Carolyn L. Smith
Mr. Fred A. Smith and Ms. Elizabeth B. Smith
Ms. Heather C. Smith
Mr. Howard R. Smith and Mrs. Jennifer Burgwald Smith
Mr. James R. Smith and Mrs. Augustine D. Smith
Ms. Melissa J. Smith
Mrs. Nelwyn O. Smith
Mr. Steven K. Smith and Mrs. Becky M. Smith
Mr. Fredd Snell and Mrs. Susan Harris Snell
Mr. Dennis J. Sommers and Mrs. Denise E. Sommers
Dr. Richard E. Sours and Mrs. Charlotte M. Sours
Mr. Stuart L. Sours and Mrs. Cindy Sours
Dr. Aime D. Sposato
Mr. Bobby Sproles and Mrs. Kimberly Sproles
Mr. Edward W. States and Mrs. Mary Ellen States
Mr. David R. Stauffer and Mrs. Katie Stauffer
Ms. Bailey Steele
Mr. John Steele
Mr. Thomas W. Steele
Mr. Brian L. Steeley and Mrs. Alissa L. Steeley
Dr. Mary E. Stephens
Ms. Christine R. Stevens
Mr. Thomas A. Stevens and Mrs. Billie C. Stevens
Rev. Carl O. Stewart and Mrs. Sylvia Stewart
Mrs. Janet Robey Stewart and Mr. Richard H. Stewart
Mr. Terry J. Stiltner
Mr. Lester W. Stinson, Jr. and Mrs. Ruth P. Stinson
Ms. Holly A Stitham-Ellis
Ms. Belva J. Stone*
Ms. Elizabeth Stone
Mr. Wesley G. Stott
Mr. Frederick D. Stovall, Sr.
Mr. G. Edward Stover, Jr. and Mrs. Michelle G. Stover
Mr. Jimmy H. Strickland and Mrs. Denise Liddle Strickland
Mr. Namon M. Strickland and Ms. Joan N. Strickland
Dr. Robert S. Strong and Mrs. Susan M. Strong
Mr. David B. Stroupe and Mrs. Nancy Yaple Stroupe
Mr. Thomas Stuart and Ms. Lisa A. Stuart
Mr. Glen A. Styles and Mrs. Brenda Puckett Styles
Ms. Heddie Sumner
Dr. Patricia Sagasti Suppes
Mr. John Sutor and Ms. Jane Campbell
Mr. Guy R. Sutphin and Mrs. Linda G. Sutphin
Ms. Ann G. Sutton
Mr. Zachary L. Sutton
Ms. Suelle M. Swartz
Mr. Gary W. Swats and Mrs. Helen E. Swats
Mrs. Lou C. Talbutt
Ms. Stacie L. Talley
Mr. Thomas R. Tate
Mr. Cory Tatum and Mrs. Twyla Stephen Tatum
Mrs. Gale Pollard Taylor
Dr. Gerard T. Taylor and Mrs. Anne K. Taylor
Mr. H. Dwight Taylor
Ms. Lodine M. Taylor
Mr. Ramsey L. Taylor and Mrs. Barbara Taylor
Mr. Sam Terry and Mrs. Julia Holland Terry
Mr. William S. Tharp
Mr. Clark G. Thomas, Jr. and Mrs. Susan Matthews Thomas
Mr. James B. Thomas and Mrs. Ruth Thomas
Mrs. Peggy West Thomas
Mr. Robert N. Thomas
Hon. Bobby W. Thompson and Mrs. Glenda Scott Thompson
Mr. Duane R. Thompson and Mrs. Elesia Thompson
Mr. John C. Thompson, Sr.
Mrs. Vicki Bassemier Thompson
Ms. Ruth M. Thorbahn
Mr. Andrew G. Thornton, III and Mrs. Judy R. Thornton
Ms. Eva T. Tillett
Mr. Mervyn C. Timberlake, Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn Timberlake
Mr. Ryan Tipps and Mrs. Gretchen Hager Tipps
Mr. Edward B. Titmus
Mr. Leo Titus and Mrs. Rosalie Titus
Mrs. Ann E. Tjaden
Mr. Kurt F. Tjaden
Ms. Charlotte Tobin
Mr. Robert W. Todd and Mrs. Barbara H. Todd
Mr. Ben Tompkins
Mrs. Ann Ratcliff Toms
Mr. Stuart Townes, Jr. and Mrs. Anita C. Townes
Mr. Noah S. Tucker, II and Ms. Brecklyn B. Tucker
Mr. Bo Tullis and Mrs. Elaine Nathan Tullis
Mrs. Judith Harris Tunstall and Mr. Douglas D. Tunstall
Mr. Charles W. Turman and Mrs. Victoria R. Turman
Mr. Thornton L. Turman and Mrs. Linda Turman
Mrs. Evelyn S. Turner
Ms. Viola G. Turner
Rev. Bruce D. Tuttle and Mrs. Rebecca Kincer Tuttle
Dr. Coulbourn H. Tyler and Mrs. Anne Tyler
Ms. Joan Y. Tyree
Mr. Michael Tyree and Ms. Tara Tyree
Mr. Robert W. Tyree and Mrs. Dallas Tyree
Mr. Charles W. Tysinger
Mr. Blaine Underwood and Ms. Diane M. Underwood
Mr. Oma E. Underwood and Ms. Deborah A. Beale
Mr. Richard L. Updike and Mrs. Holley Perdue Updike
Mr. Neal Upshur
Mr. Tyson B. Van Auken and Mrs. Dorothy Easley Van Auken
Mr. Donald J. Vandis and Mrs. Maude M. Vandis
Mr. John VanLuik and Mrs. Linda VanLuik
Mr. Pierce L. Vaughn and Mrs. Shirley B. Vaughn
Mr. James A. Vernon
Mrs. Anna States Vest
Mr. Robert P. Vest, Jr.
Dr. Sandra E. Via
Mr. Hugh C. Vincent and Mrs. Janet Vincent
Mr. Jason E. Vipperman and Mrs. Stephanie Brinegar Vipperman
Mr. Raymond E. Wade
Mr. Ricky A. Wagner and Mrs. Margaret Causey Wagner
Mr. Robert C. Wagner and Mrs. Susan B. Wagner
Mr. Dale Wagoner and Mrs. Stephanie Wagoner
Mrs. Addie Lee E. Walker
Mr. Landon Walker and Mrs. Frances Stine Walker
Ms. Patricia L. Walker
Mr. Robert W. Walker and Mrs. Barbara H. Walker
Mr. Shane R. Walker and Mrs. Kathleen M. Walker
Mr. Steve F. Walker and Mrs. Brenda Walker
Mr. William H. Walker, Jr. and Mrs. Catherine B. Walker
Mr. Joseph L. Wall and Mrs. Cathy C. Wall
Mr. Phillip Wall and Mrs. Donna Walker Wall
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Wallace
Mr. Leonard E. Wallace and Mrs. Carolyn Wallace
Mr. Leonard L. Wallace and Mrs. Joyce Wallace
Ms. Ellen C. Walton
Mr. John S. Walton and Mrs. Robin Walton
Mrs. Mattie Bell Ward
Mr. James M. Warden and Ms. Michaela M. Warden
Ms. Ruth Warner
Ms. Dee Warren
Mr. Jeffrey M. Warren and Mrs. Janet P. Warren
Mr. Thomas C. Warren and Ms. Alicia D. Warren
Mr. Douglas C. Waters and Mrs. Mary Waters
Ms. Kristin C. Waters
Mr. Michael L. Waters and Mrs. Pamela R. Waters
Ms. Wendy Waters
Ms. Ceia Webb
Mr. J. Vaughan Webb, Jr.
Mr. John W. Webb and Mrs. Luitgard H. Webb
Mr. Rives Webb, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Webster
Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster
Mr. Gregg Weinschreider
Mr. Glenn R. Welde
Mr. Leonard Wessell
Ms. Jennie B. West
Ms. Marilyn House West
Mr. Timothy T. West and Ms. Elene M. West
Miss Judith A. Whitby
Mr. Edwin S. White and Mrs. Linda White
Mr. G. Scott White and Mrs. Leigh Huff White
Mr. James E. White and Mrs. Pamela Lowry White
Mrs. Jennalie Walthall White and Mr. Christopher L. White
Ms. Margrit E.J. White
Rev. Robert E. White, Jr. and Mrs. Melissa J. White
Mr. Steven D. White and Mrs. Katrina S. White
Dr. Lana A. Whited
Rev. Walter A. Whitehurst and Dr. Betty C. Whitehurst
Ms. Jamie H. Whitlow
Mr. James P. Wightman and Mrs. Juanita K. Wightman
Mr. Boyd C. Wiley, Jr. and Mrs. Lauren Wiley
Mr. Carrington C. Wilkerson and Mrs. Kathryn Woodward Wilkerson
Mr. James C. Williams and Mrs. Loretta Boone Williams
Mr. John T. Williams, Jr.
Ms. Laura Williams
Mr. Rayna J. Williams and Mrs. Deborah S. Williams
Mr. Lewis E. Williamson, Jr.
Ms. Lois L. Willis
Mr. Martin Willis
Mr. Jeff A. Wilson
Mr. Joel L. Wilson
Mr. John T. Wilson
Lt. Col. Robert B. Wilson
Hon. Samuel G. Wilson and Mrs. Pendred Keller Wilson
Mr. Shelton Wine and Mrs. Regenia Knupp Wine
Ms. Chelsea N. Wingate
Mr. Richard D. Wingate and Mrs. Janet Wingate
Mrs. Donna K. Winge and Mr. Greg R. Winge
Rev. Arthur W. Wingfield and Mrs. Willie Marie Fariss Wingfield
Ms. Marilyn K. Wintrow
Ms. Mary O’Neal Witcher
Mr. Chuck Withington
Ms. Amanda Cobler Witt-Cox
Rev. Eric P. Wogen and Mrs. Sandra L. Wogen
Mr. Fred K. Wohlfahrt, Jr. and Mrs. Fay R. Wohlfahrt
Mr. David R. Wolfe and Mrs. Irene M. Wolfe, CPA
Mr. Jim Woltz and Mrs. Jill Dorsch Woltz
Ms. C. Faye Wood
Mr. Richard L. Wood
Mr. Stuart C. Wood
Mrs. Virginia Brown Wood
Mrs. Betty Bussey Woodford
Mr. Douglas M. Woodley
Mrs. Felicia H. Woods and Mr. Marvin S. Woods, Jr.
Mr. James W. Woodson
Mrs. Jane Woolridge
Ms. Bethany J. Worley
Mr. Jeffrey D. Worsham
Mr. T. Michael Wrabell and Mrs. Cheri Wrabell
Dr. William H. Wray
Mrs. Janice Simpson Wright
Mr. Joseph B. Wright and Mrs. Pamela Miller Wright
Ms. Marsha K. Wright
Mrs. Patricia G. Wright
Ms. Sandra L. Wright
Rev. Doyle W. Wyatt and Mrs. Frances S. Wyatt
Mr. George D. Yancey, Sr. and Mrs. Phyllis Mitchell Yancey
Ms. Diana R. Yates
Mr. Matthew P. Yetzer and Ms. Jill Yetzer
Mr. Nathan P. Yetzer and Mrs. Leah Yetzer
Mr. Dwayne A. Young and Mrs. Linda S. Young
Mr. Guy K. Young and Mrs. Carolyn Carrier Young
Ms. Jessica Altice Young and Mr. Brandon Young
Mr. Kenneth P. Young, Jr. and Mrs. Betsy Young
Dr. Lowell T. Young, Ph.D and Mrs. Janet C. Young
Ms. Joann M. Zangl
Mr. Pete Zeien
Mr. John L. Zentmeyer and Mrs. Debbie Zentmeyer
Mr. James R. Zinck and Mrs. Beverly G. Zinck
Ms. Bridgett Hall Zitmore

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Martha and William Adams Scholarship Trust
Mason Realty, Inc.
Member One Federal Credit Union
Mica Mine Farm
Moore’s Charitable Foundation
Mount Regis Stables, L.L.C.
Network For Good
Newberry Ford, Inc.
Norfolk Southern Foundation
PDJ Enterprises, Inc.
Pfizer Foundation
Prudential Financial
Rakescroft Restorations
Redwood Minute Market, Inc.
Reynoldsamerican Foundation
Roanoke Valley Wrestling
Rugaber Family Fund
Rustburg United Methodist Women
SleepSafe Beds, LLC
Smith Mountain Lake Association
Southwest Tool Supply
State Farm Companies Foundation
SunTrust Bank – Western Virginia
Suntrust Bank Foundation
T. Michael Wrabell, Jr. PC
THAT Foundation
The Butz Foundation
The Dorothy Cate And Thomas F. Frist Foundation
The Irving & Jeff Groves Charitable Foundation
The Virginia College Fund
The Winston-Salem Foundation/Emily Grousbeck Fund
Thompson Valuation & Consulting
Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley LLC
Total Motion Physical Therapy LLC
Twist & Turn Manufacturing Inc
UMW – Cameron United Methodist Church
UMW of the Virginia Conference
United Methodist Women
UnitedHealth Group
Universal Leaf Foundation
Uttermost Corp
VA Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization
Vanguard Charitable
Virginia Academy of Science
Virginia Commission for the Arts
Virginia Prosthetics
Virginia United Methodist Conference
WDCM Enterprise LLC
Woltz and Associates, Inc.
Yetzer Wrestling LLC